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10 Reasons Why You Should Do An MBA In Shanghai

Shanghai is the Chinese center for finance, technology, and culture. Is it time you turned to the East for your MBA degree?


Mon Oct 15 2018


According to a list recently published by the Chinese Enterprise Confederation and Chinese Enterprise Directors Association, corporations in China are growing quicker than expected, with an 11% growth reported in the top 500 companies compared with last year.

With Chinese companies booming, now could be the time to turn to Asia for your MBA.

And why not head to Shanghai? Here, companies are also reporting staggering growth in the past year, with 383 companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets doubling their profits.

Fudan University is located in the center of Shanghai and offers a unique International MBA program that is taught in collaboration with US business school behemoth MIT Sloan, and it's ranked in the top 50 MBA programs in the world by the Financial Times—a China-savvy program with a global reach.

Here's 10 reasons why you should do an MBA in Shanghai:

1. Be a part of Eastern and Western collaboration

Fudan’s IMBA offers courses in ‘Transnational Management’, ‘Global Strategic Marketing’, and ‘Challenges of Globalization and Implications for China’—and with Chinese businesses looking to expand globally, you’ll be ready to take on a career in China or the rest of the world.

2. Get taught by top American management scholars

All MBA programs are quick to advertise how international their programs are, but Fudan’s IMBA program actually benefits from a direct link to the US. Because it’s taught in conjunction with MIT Sloan, you’ll get a truly international approach to management.

3. Study at a university with a rich cultural heritage

Founded in 1905, Fudan University has over 110 years of history. The International MBA program was launched in 1996 in order to promote an entrepreneurial perspective well-suited to a new globalized Chinese economy. So if you’re looking for a modern business school in a historical location, Shanghai is the perfect place to be.

4. Add another skill to your resume

By studying in another country, not only will you graduate with a top-class MBA degree, but you also get the chance to add another language to your resume. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, so if you're looking to stand out in the business world learning another language is a great way to do it.

5. Networking

With Fudan’s IMBA program not only will you become one of 270,000+ global Fudan University alumni, but also an affiliate alumnus of MIT, Yale, and Schuhlich School of Business–perfect for fostering those all-important connections after graduating.

6. Experience life in one of China’s most vibrant cities

Shanghai has a lively cultural scene, including the widest selection of theatre shows and art exhibitions outside of Hong Kong. Shanghai’s Grand Theatre holds Chinese and Western operas and plays, so you can get your fill of culture outside of your studies.

7. Put your MBA skills to the test during your studies

Always wanted to consult at a real company? Fudan University's iLab projects let you do just that—and you’ll gain credits for it too. Their local iLab course will also put you in contact with a variety of local and international corporations in Shanghai, including Fortune 500 names like Bosch, IBM, and ExxonMobil.

Recent grad from the IMBA, QingFu Hu, says the iLab program was a valuable addition to his MBA; "It helped me practice what I learned in class, and luckily I got a full-time job offer because of my excellent performance in iLab." 

8. Start your own business in China

A report from Startup Genome has found that 35% of global unicorn companies are found in China, and 21 of these companies are in Shanghai. Students on Fudan’s International MBA program can take special electives in entrepreneurship, meaning you’ll have all the skills you need to start a business in China afterwards.

9. Explore job opportunities in China

China is investing in its economic growth, with 19 ‘super-cities’ being proposed to supercharge growth in the country. Of Fudan University's 2016 IMBA cohort, 82% went on to work in Shanghai after graduating.

10. Go outside your comfort zone

Why not enhance your MBA by exploring a new culture? Every year, students enrolled on Fudan’s IMBA program get to organise study trips around China, which allow you to visit top Chinese companies and explore the country as well.