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4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Include In Their MBA Admissions Essays

Applying for an MBA as an entrepreneur? It’s important to strike the right tone in your admissions essays

Tue Nov 15 2022

By Mark Skoskiewicz

If you have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, pursuing an MBA can help you sort through options and build the skills necessary to be successful.

However, there are also pitfalls to consider when integrating business school into your plans for starting a company.

Here’s four things entrepreneurs should include in their MBA admissions essays:

1. Place a Primary Focus on Knowledge Acquisition

Starting a business is difficult. Often, the success of the business comes down to execution, not the quality of the idea. You must possess, or at least create a team which collectively possesses, a breadth of knowledge across multiple domains: marketing, finance, customer service, talent management, sales, operations planning.

Business school offers a range of classes which will introduce you to all the concepts you need to know. Your admissions essays should demonstrate that you see the value of building a well-rounded intellectual toolkit to help you build your business. If there are clearly particular skills or...

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