AGSM MBA Team Offer One-To-One Consultations With Candidates

The AGSM MBA from the Australian School of Business will be in 14 cities across Europe and North America over the next two months

Those of you in Europe and Asia who are interested in doing an MBA in Sydney, Australia, give the AGSM MBA from the Australian School of Business some thought.

The AGSM MBA is the number one MBA in Australia, according to the Financial Times 2011 global MBA rankings.

Australia’s economy has grown quickly over the past 15-odd years thanks to strong trade links with Asian Tiger economies, and its banks have fared relatively well in the financial crisis, thanks to tighter regulation.

You can meet faculty and staff from AGSM as they visit eight cities in the US and Canada and six cities in Europe, starting in San Francisco on 16th February.

Here are the dates:

  • London March 13
  • Frankfurt March 14-15
  • Paris March 20
  • Copenhagen March 21
  • Tokyo April 9
  • Seoul April 11
  • Beijing April 13-14
  • Shanghai April 16-17

Personal consultation opportunities are available for those interested in finding out more.

During a 30 to 40 minute consultation meeting you will be able to learn more about the details of the MBA and discuss with a senior AGSM MBA Programs representative how the program could help your future professional and career goals.

To apply for a consultation, register on AGSM’s website.

If none of these dates and destinations listed is practicable given your location, the AGSM team encourages you to register anyway, and they’ ll set up a phone or video call.SD6VV2ZS6H88

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