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High-Tech Global Careers Support From Manchester Business School

The majority of Manchester Business School MBAs study part-time in locations around the world, so the School is ramping up its online careers support to help them

While the stereotype of an MBA student is of a high-flying professional quitting their job and spending two years on campus, the reality at Manchester Business School is very different. The majority of students keep working in top positions in government and industry, while the academics come to them, teaching not just in Manchester England, but taking classes across the world in places as far apart as Dubai and Miami.

While almost 150 students attend the prestigious full-time programme in Manchester, England, for the overwhelming majority - up to 4,000 - the programme comes to them, with 25 hours of face-to-face, real-world contact with lecturers and academics for each of the twelve courses, and workshops held in many of the world’s major cities.

In addition to the attention of MBS’ globe-trotting academics, the Business School’s part-timers are aided by a state-of-the-art web portal that includes databases, podcasts, psychometric tests and online discussion forums amongst its teaching tools.

Soon, global MBS students will even be able to experience their own campus presentations in cyberspace. The Global Careers Service is creating a cutting-edge virtual environment – the first of its kind – where employers from across the world will meet, present and interact with MBS' global students, who will also be able to network with employers and apply to employers directly for jobs; just like a campus presentation at MBS' brick-and-mortar buildings.

For those who are curious about the part-time experience, the head of the Global Careers Service, Alison Edmonds, is putting on a series of free monthly webinars. The webinars, which will be available from the MBS site and will transmit over a six-month period, will offer tips on career advancement, teaching viewers how to find the right career path, get into work, write a 'red-hot' CV and ace the all-important interview. There will even be a webinar on networking which promises to be a tantalising glimpse into the world of the Manchester Business School part-timer.

For those considering an MBA, Alison Edmonds will be presenting in Manchester and London on August 20th and 24th about how an MBA can impact on your career. Click here for event details and here to register.


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