Celebrate Diversity: Pretend to Marry Your Classmate

Diversity Week at Australia's top business school ends in high spirits as two students fake an Indian wedding.

No, this isn't a pair of world music-loving backpackers doing something they'll regret when they wake up from a bad trip next week.

My friends Phil from Australia and Rose from Hong Kong are MBA classmates who agreed to take part in a fake Indian wedding to celebrate the end of Diversity Week at the School last week.

There are eight Indians in the class of 2010 and we decided to showcase our culture with a wedding extravaganza, so we talked these two sports into it.

There's a lot of talk within the Indian community about racism in Australia and abuse against Indians here, but I'd say incidents like that can happen anywhere. From June 9th to June 12th, 65 students at AGSM had fun exploring the cultures of Europe, Asia and Latin America and two non-Indians were married Indian-style. Need I say more?



Sydney stores are all out of yellow scarves


Authentic Indian wedding feast. Hopefully the next morning wasn’t quite so authentic.

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