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Why I Chose MIP Politecnico Di Milano For My Executive MBA

Deborah Peracchi wouldn’t be where she is today without it

Wed Feb 15 2017

“My Executive MBA experience changed my life,” says Deborah Peracchi, who, aged 38, decided to go back to business school and join MIP Politecnico di Milano’s EMBA.

An Italian executive, with almost two decade’s experience in accounting, finance, and management roles, Deborah combined work and study, managing 120 people and 350 clients alongside monthly face-to-face classes at MIP.

She gained global exposure and learnt about doing business internationally – in India and China – as well as taking specialist courses in change management and M&A.

Today, she’s a management director and a shareholder at a leading Italian outsourcer. She thinks more programs like the MIP EMBA will provide more opportunities for women in high-level positions in business.

Why did you decide to pursue an Executive MBA at MIP?

I wanted to enrich my managerial competencies. I was a good manager, but I wanted to be even better. And this is what exactly happened!

After looking at business schools in Milan, I chose MIP because of the program contents, format, the professionalism of the faculty, and the general study environment. The feeling I got reading about the school, and during the EMBA presentations, was how the MIP EMBA can have a direct impact on your business life, how it can open doors, and energize you in your career.

What stands out from your MIP EMBA experience?

MIP gives its students an efficient, clever and straightforward way of approaching any kind of issue you could face while managing an enterprise. Every day, I learnt something that I could immediately implement in my job.

MIP strongly promotes networking inside and outside of the business school. There is a strong group identity. MIP organizes regular workshops and events for students and alumni, providing opportunities to create and maintain relationships that last.

How has your career developed since the EMBA?

I gained massively from the EMBA, both in terms of my career and personal life.

I’m now managing director and a shareholder at my current company. Everyone in my company can tell that my performance has increased since the EMBA, and that my way of looking at business has changed.

I would not be in same the job position as I am now, and I would not have met all these great people - my classmates, the professors, the MIP staff, and alumni – without the EMBA.

What is the future for women in business? Will top-level CEO roles soon be occupied by as many women as men?

Women will continue to increase their presence in top level business positions. Women can be excellent managers. And, more and more, business schools like MIP are promoting high-level managerial education for women. There are still cultural and economic barriers to overcome, not only in business, but I think the trend is irreversible.