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Angel Investor Bill Morrow Speaks At IE Business School Event - Groovy Companies and High-Rise Golf

By  Kate Jillings

Mon Jul 19 2010

We caught Bill Morrow, straight-talking angel investor (angelsden.co.uk), at an IE business school entrepreneurship event in London. The event was aimed at aspiring business owners interested in different MBA programs at IE - a school in Madrid famed for its entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr Morrow tells us about raising $1m in just 6 days to invest in a Singaporean 72nd-floor high rise golf club where members dress up in trendy golf gear, get drunk and play virtual rounds with their friends. We also hear about a changing sentiment for enterprise in Asia and that business schools are not necessarily about learning, but more about the people you meet. Watch on and tell us what you think...

{{video:embed url="http://vimeo.com/13181693"}}