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UK Venture Capitalist Optimistic About Financial Services

MMC Ventures head Bruce MacFarlane offers advice to investors and to start-ups trying to raise funds

Another nugget for you entrepreneurs out there from IE Business School’s event last month.


Bruce MacFarlane is co-founder and chief executive of MMC Ventures, a leading UK venture capital firm with £75m under management.


MacFarlane started MMC back in 2000.  He previously worked as a lawyer, investment banker and part-time business angel.


After a few years of angel investing he became convinced that effective early-stage investing “could best be achieved through a high-quality deal flow, rigorous due diligence and active post-investment support”, according to the firm’s website.  


While it’s an exceptionally tough environment out there for firms looking to raise funds, it does mean that venture capital firms that do invest are getting the pick of companies and can expect good returns.


MacFarlane’s preferred sectors are technology, especially clean tech; financial services (which may surprise some) and healthcare.


As for the MBA degree, MacFarlane says it’s an asset. His firm is currently hiring summer interns from London Business School and Judge Business School.


His advice for people working on their business plans? “It’s got to be compelling; it’s got to be succinct. You’ve got to think about all the gaps… and then you’ve got to get out there and see as any people as possible.”


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