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Finally, a Website that will help you find the perfect match-for your pet!

Dating website with a difference

New York, NY, (10/30/10)—If you have a pet, chances are you’ve already gone online looking for websites that can provide you with useful information to take care of your beloved. To date, however, pet-related websites seem to focus more on the owner or on some controversial issue such as cruelty to animals.

On November 16, all this will change with the launching of a new website, PetsDating.com. “This is the first time that pet owners will really have a website to log on to which is truly centered on their pets,” said Robert Faynblut an MBA graduate, a New Jersey resident and Co-Founder of PetsDating.com.

“Through PetsDating.com, pet owners can meet and schedule dates for their pets to hang out, as well as share valuable information about their pets", he said.

An avid pet-lover who owns a Bichon Frise breed dog named Snoopy, Mr. Faynblut said the inspiration to create PetsDating.com came to him when he was watching a television program where a man was saying that he wished that his dog had another dog to hang out with regularly. “That’s what really got me to realize that if people seek and enjoy companionship shouldn’t our pets deserve the same thing?” he said.

Mr. Faynblut makes it clear that he has nothing against other websites that allow pet owners to find each other for romance, using love for pets as the basis for compatibility. He also commends websites that promote the rights of pets as we are still a long way from being a society that really cares enough for these helpless creatures. Still, he wants to provide pet owners with a service that really focuses on the needs of their pets.

And asked what if love blooms between the pet owners, “Well, I’m all for it as long as their pets get along well.” Mr. Faynblut said.