Maastricht Is Drawing More International MBA Students

Diverse faculty and cohort appeal to global managers

International students are flocking to Maastricht School of Management’s (MSM) MBA program.

Located in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands has proved a popular destination for global MBA students. At MSM, a diverse faculty representing more than 40 nationalities is more than matched by a vastly international student base.

MSM’s full-time MBA continuously adapts to the demands of an increasingly globalized world, offering four specializations in international and sustainable business; entrepreneurship in emerging markets; accounting and finance; and public sector development. The fully-accredited, innovative one-year program costs just over $31,000. Scholarships are available for international applicants.

BusinessBecause caught up with four of the school’s full-time, international MBA students to find out why they chose MSM.

Awalia Noor Baroroh, who left a business development role at a chemicals company in Indonesia to join MSM


Not only is MSM one of the best business schools in Europe, but it also provides great services to its students by assisting us before, during and after our stay.

The Netherlands is a very strategic location and home to many multinational companies. [With an MBA at MSM] I have a big chance to get a job in this country.

I also like the way people here use bikes, even though public transportation is available almost 24 hours a day!

Vincent van Biljon, a former legal practitioner in Namibia who moved on to pursue a management consulting career in Europe

vincent msms

The city of Maastricht is ideal for students. People here have a very comfortable lifestyle, and are extremely friendly and welcoming.

MSM has done a great job of providing quality lecturers and professors in the MBA program. They are a good mix of academics and practicing professionals, both of whom add a lot of value to the program and continuously challenge the way you think.

I share a classroom with people from 19 other nationalities, and almost all are from developing countries similar to my own.

Julia Taddei, a Brazilian lawyer who relocated to Europe to work within multinational corporations

julia - msm

I am very confident in recommending MSM. The classroom is very diversified, both in terms of nationalities and professional backgrounds, and the professors are highly qualified and practice-oriented.

A lot of social events take place every week, but if you need a break from the small-city feel, the transport connections to big European cities are very convenient.

Niyut Khare, a former marine engineer who relocated from India to pursue a career in management

niyut msmsm

I have a shipping background and the Netherlands is a logistics hub, so I saw a competitive advantage here. Plus, MSM has very competitive fees compared with other schools.

Everybody here speaks English. People are so nice, polite and helpful, that I never feel like I’m away from home. Maastricht is such a clean and quiet city that if I continue to live here, I think I will live for much longer!


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