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Cost Of Living At B-school: Berlin

The German capital is poor but sexy, according to resident business students

Berlin kicks off our series on the cost of living in cities around the world where you might go to business school.

The German capital is having another cultural moment. MTV moved its European headquarters there in 2003, the city is a magnet for artists, musicians and moviemakers  from both sides of the Atlantic. History and arthouse culture combine intriguingly with being at the center of the world's fourth-largest manufacturing economy.

The relatively low cost of living in the happening city is a big plus for students.

According to the Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living survey 2010, Berlin is the least expensive location of any major MBA city in Europe. It doesn’t even make the worldwide top 50 most expensive cities for expatriates.

While living expenses depend heavily upon personal preferences and style of living, the average MBA student can live well on €12,000 to €15,000 (US$15,450 to $19,310) per year. Rent is inexpensive compared to other major European cities, with a central apartment costing €300 to €600 a month.

According to Rahul Tongia, ESMT full-time MBA Class of 2009: “Berlin may be poor, but it is sexy. It is full of young and diverse people from all around the world and feels like a melting pot of old and new, with a lot of music, politics, art and media start-ups based.

“In and around the city there are many beautiful lakes and gardens providing a paradise for sport and outdoor activities. The nightlife is amazing as well.”

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