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EU Business School Boosts MBA Jobs Prospects With Multi-Campus Approach

MBA students at EU Business School can study at multiple campuses across Europe

By  Scott Kanowsky

Tue Apr 4 2017

The modern MBA is not confined to one campus or, indeed, one country.

At EU Business School’s (EU) four main European campuses – Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, and Montreux – students choose from 11 different MBA specializations including international marketing, global banking and finance, e-business, and entrepreneurship.

In terms of post-MBA jobs, the multi-campus approach is paying off. EU ranks fifth in the QS Return on Investment Report for salary uplift in Europe and the business school’s 26,000 alumni are spread out across more than 120 countries worldwide.

We spoke to four current students in EU’s one-year MBA program to find out more:

Zacharie Traer, MBA in Entrepreneurship ‘17

Zacharie received offers from educational institutions around the world before ultimately deciding on pursuing the MBA in Entrepreneurship on EU’s Munich campus.

What appealed to him most was the school’s multi-campus approach. EU lets its MBA students change campuses throughout the program, which is made up of three 10-week terms followed by three months of thesis writing.  

“I know students that have been on three [EU] campuses,” Zacharie says. “And from that, you can tell they have much more to say. All the theory that we see in class, they’ve seen it in practice in all these different places. It just sticks with you better.”

Originally, Zacharie (pictured below) wanted to start the course in Munich and take advantage of EU’s multiple campuses by penning his thesis in Barcelona. But he soon found that life in Munich was too good to leave behind  and decided to stay for his thesis too.


The 24-year old Canadian is a founding member of EU Munich’s new club for budding entrepreneurs, EU Business Consulting, and also plays on a basketball team affiliated with FC Bayern Munich, more commonly known as Germany’s number one soccer club.

Although he knows he has job opportunities back in Canada, Zacharie wants to harness his experience at EU and stay in Germany after completing his MBA.

“The alumni network will become very handy as we go through this process,” he says.

Anastasija Andronova, MBA in Human Resources Management ‘17


Southwest of Munich, Russian-born and Swiss-educated Anastasija is on EU’s Montreux campus pursuing an MBA in Human Resources Management. Like Zacharie, Anastasija also started her MBA in September last year.

Anastasija’s goal is to work in the hotel industry in Switzerland after getting her degree. To do so, she’s taking advantage of EU’s strong professional network to secure a job after graduation.

“We have a lot of company visits, and a lot of workshops where people from different Swiss industries come to EU to talk about their companies,” she says.

Anastasija would like to explore other EU campuses. Like Zacharie, her destination of choice would be the warm environs of Barcelona. And even though personal obligations have kept her from going to Spain, she sees the opportunity to study in several locations as an asset.

“You can meet new people, you visit different industries and businesses, you have different people that come to the school to teach, [and] you have different cultures,” she says.

Gauthier Cappelle, MBA in Sports Management '17


Meanwhile, Gauthier Cappelle is busy in Barcelona studying an MBA in Sports Management.

Gauthier hopes to stay in the cosmopolitan  coastal city after graduation, to gain more experience before formally entering the workforce. He plans to get an internship that will serve as a springboard into the sports management industry.

“The approach to teaching at EU prepares us to be able to start an internship immediately after graduation,” he says. “And EU’s Career Services Department help you find potential internships.”

Gauthier made use of the school’s multi-campus approach, connecting with other sports management students from EU campuses in Germany and Switzerland.

Akshay Umesh, MBA in International Marketing '17


Akshay Umesh - another Barcelona-based EU MBA student - is definitely enjoying the Spanish sun and the diverse cultural landscape of the EU Barcelona campus.

The school's cultural mix has helped Akshay learn how to solve practical business problems in a number of different situations. He's confident that these skills will translate into maintaining client relationships when he enters the workforce.

“I can make mistakes here," Akshay says. “But what I’ve learned is the fix should be immediate and effective.” He adds that the classes in risk management are particularly useful in getting students to “think different [and] to be different.”

A member of the student board at EU, Akshay has also become heavily involved in campus life in Barcelona. He's often charged with organizing events for up to 150 MBA students; a difficult job, but good training for the business world.

Even though Akshay will soon be leaving EU, he plans to give back to the school after graduation through the international EU Alumni Association.