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EU Business School’s MBA Program Offers 11 Specializations To Prepare Students For Success

The wide range of specializations available to students includes e-business, design management, leadership, communication & public relations and international marketing

By  Robert Klecha

Wed Aug 2 2017

The dynamic and flexible MBA program at EU Business School lasts one-year full time or two years part-time and students can choose from 11 diverse majors, from international business to sports management and global banking and finance.  

For Zaira Pedron, a recent MBA graduate who has been working in human resources for the past six years, the degree provided a pathway to develop her skills and gain a new perspective in her chosen industry.

“The MBA specialization in HR Management helped me develop a more strategic and contemporary view of the field and a broader awareness of the future of HR roles within the business panorama. This new outlook will encourage me to take on more strategic positions in the future,” she says.

For Zaira, the EU Business School MBA, which ranks fifth in the QS Return on Investment Report for salary uplift in Europe, offers the perfect balance between traditional MBA topics and specialist areas.

“Nowadays, MBA key competencies are essential,” she says. “Lacking such skills can hinder a person's ability to be recognized in his or her role, or in becoming a change agent within an organization.

“[At the same time] the role of HR in business is changing at a fast pace, and HR professionals are increasingly expected to act as business partners within their companies. An extensive understanding of business and economics is key for HR professionals to perform successfully.”

At EU, students have the opportunity to transfer between its four campuses located in some of Europe’s most innovative cities; Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. For Zaira, the combination of international exposure, choice in majors and the opportunity to study some courses online all contributed to her decision to study at EU.

“The flexibility to choose between different locations and an online environment represented an extremely contemporary approach,” she says. “The teamwork in virtual cross-country groups allowed me to simulate real business contexts where employees are required to perform in global e-teams across different time zones.”

Currently, 95% of all MBA students at EU are international. The strength of this global network was also a major draw for recent graduate Peter Naidenov, who specialized in entrepreneurship.

“Making new friends while simultaneously gaining a vast international network of potential partners and business contacts is one of the most valuable assets of an MBA program.”

For Peter, the MBA equipped him with the necessary skills and confidence to excel in his career.

“After several years working in lower management, I realized that my skills and knowledge weren’t enough for my career plans,” he says. “Most importantly I realized that I wanted to learn how to build something on my own and work for myself. It therefore seemed logical to take an MBA to enhance my existing knowledge.”

Now, armed with his MBA, he has gained the knowledge and experience to take his career to the next level.

“I will continue to gather both practical and managerial experience. In the meantime, I am forming a business plan and thinking about starting my own company. The motivation and courage to go forward, the right tools transmitted by the lecturers, is a winning combination for future success.”

EU Business School’s MBA specializations are helping students reshape their careers to meet both personal and professional goals. As Zaira says, “there is no one-size-fits-all solution for MBA students. If candidates want to switch careers and already have a role in mind, a specialized MBA can certainly help them to achieve this.”