EBS Business School Builds Sports Business Credentials

With its Institute for Sports, Business & Society, the school makes strides towards expertise on the business of sport and its impact on society

A new research institute at EBS Business School will study the relationship between sports and commercial success, as well as the social impact of sports.

Research at the new Institute for Sports, Business and Society will address questions such as: How can we measure and compare the economic and social impact of large-scale sporting events and sports funding programmes? To what extent can sports sponsorship make a contribution to corporate social responsibility? How can former top athletes better benefit society? How important will social media be in future for top athletes, sports clubs, leagues and associations?

"Sport is much more than physical activity or entertainment for the mass public,” says Professor Sascha L. Schmidt, who heads the Institute. “Sport brings people together; it has a socially integrative effect and creates numerous jobs. It is exactly this form of social and economic impact we intend to explore.”

"We have a unique Institute focusing on research on exciting topics and hope to have MBA students participating in the research sometime soon,” he adds.

The Institute, which opened earlier this month, is the start of a wider plan to strengthen EBS' academic focus in the area of sports management.

“We're currently focusing on research about the role sport superstars play in society and how important social media will be for top athletes.” The Institute is already in discussions with large sports organizations to collaborate on this research.



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