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IE Business School Launches A Global Master in Finance

Taught through a mix of online and on-site sessions in Madrid and London, this blended program is aimed at professionals working in the finance industry.

Next October IE Business School will launch its brand new Global Master in Finance: a 13-month part-time program in finance meant especially for finance professionals.

Prof. Bach, Dean of Programs and Professor of ‘Strategy and Economic Environment’ and ‘Business, Government and Society’ at IE Business School, explains that the Global Master in Finance is a blended program that uses a combination of face-to-face modules in Madrid and London, and faculty-led on-line learning, “Something in which IE Business School is pioneering”. This is the first time that the Spanish business school is applying the blended learning module to finance education rather than management education.

Designed for professionals who want to upgrade their skills but don’t want or can’t afford to take a year off, the program’s incoming class will include many students from emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and India, as well as Europeans who don’t want to stop working for a year, points out Prof. Bach.

The average student will have four or five years of experience in areas such as asset management, investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, micro-finance or Islamic finance.

The program includes three one-week face-to-face modules, but is mostly based on online learning: a mixture of video-conferences and a three-day “asynchronous forum”. The average commitment for the Global Master in Finance is twenty hours per week, like a normal part-time Master, points out Prof. Bach, but with the advantage of having people from around the world in the same class.

Watch the video to learn more about the Global Master in Finance and how it is different from the face-to-face Masters in Finance or the Global MBA from Prof. Bach. 

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