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What Brown and Cameron Should Have Known

Researchers from Nottingham explain the victory of the Lib Dems in the first round of the UK election debate

By  Sunny Li

Thu Apr 22 2010

As public polls show Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg sailing through a comfortable victory on last Thursday's UK election debate, researchers at Nottingham University Business School have released a warning to warring politicians on the election trail. According to their study, engaging in tit-for-tat confrontations may well destroy your rival – but is just as likely to destroy you.  And as their blow-for-blow struggle ruins their chances, politicians might open a path to success for a third party who can profit from their loss: something Mr. Clegg and his team are now doing.

On a lighter note, MBAs at Manchester Business School recently celebrated their “accomplishments to date” at a James Bond-themed MBA Ball, where student bands and wine with self-designed bottle stickers were part of the entertainment. Besides partying, the Student Council was handed from the outgoing class to the incumbent class, as witnessed by 250 MBAs dressed up nicely and on "their best behaviour" – until the wine was poured of course!   


Specially designed wine bottle sticker by Manchester Business School MBA students