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What’s Making B-School PRs Buzz

Business school PRs share their views on the biz ed trends and professors to watch

PR heads from many of the world’s top business schools gathered in London a couple of weeks back for the annual MaKi media conference.


The organizers are two of the best-connected people in the b-school media world: Kim Keating, Director of PR at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and Matt Symonds, a business education consultant and writer for titles like The Economist and Forbes.


The conference focused on how to publicise new ideas from business schools to the rest of the world, and how to engage a new generation of applicants (the Gen Y-ers) with the growing number of programs on offer.


There was also an opportunity for everyone to network and relax on an evening boat ride down the Thames, which is where we caught press experts Kiki, Ben, Felix, Lynda and Leanna - watch the video below!


The trends to watch in the biz ed world, according to these insiders, include sustainable business and a more intense focus on India and China as places to do business.


Some professor research 'hot' topics include strategies for firms facing product commoditization (Richard D'Aveni - Tuck) and the impact of early mergers by new CEOs (Scott Moeller - Cass). 


If you're an aspiring MBA applicant make sure you stay tuned til the end: you'll hear some useful tips on how to impress the b-school admissions directors!



Wednesday 14th July 2010, 01.22 (UTC)


never off duty!

Wednesday 14th July 2010, 08.21 (UTC)


I think with the Social Media Revolution, the manner in which Business Schools engage with their Audiences is fast changing. Prospective students want to see the schools they are aspiring for at as many places as possible be that Local and International PR, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and not to mention through engaging and high quality marketing communication material from the school. Current students and B-School Alumni also want the same as it helps them in Career Opportunities. Small things like a poorly designed website, lack of social media presence, difficulty to connect with current students and Alumni can have a big impact on the reputation of the school. I think it's more important than ever today for B-schools to engage their current and former customers (students) and the only way they can do that is by staying on their toes all the time and showcasing the achievements of the school through faculty and alumni.

Wednesday 14th July 2010, 09.44 (UTC)


Sustainability is certainly a hot topic at the moment - I have to agree that this is a major consideration among many of the applicants I've spoken to over the last few months. Great insights!

Wednesday 14th July 2010, 19.49 (UTC)


Totally agree with Kirti, we students like to see Schools and Universities involved with modern ways of communication and the latest in technology; They have to keep up with the current and future generation of students. We also like to see information expressed in a simple way, with the main purpose of the program or school as clear as possible. By the way excellent article and interview(s).

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