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UK Brexit Election Results: Business School Community Reacts On Twitter

We roundup the business school community’s reaction to an election result that’s left much of the UK’s political establishment reeling

By  Robert Klecha

Fri Jun 9 2017

What she’d sought all along was a strong mandate to take into Brexit negotiations, but the gamble to hold an early election hasn’t paid off.

In June 8th’s UK General Election – dubbed the Brexit election – Theresa May’s ruling Conservative Party lost seats and fell below the 326 needed to form a majority government. The Conservative leader is now looking to form a government with the help of one of the other parties.

While Labour supporters claim victory with constituency gains across the UK, the pound has plummeted against the dollar and uncertainty looms ahead with the implications for Brexit negotiations unknown.

The Conservatives aren't the only political group left licking their wounds. There were many high-profile casualties.

Joining May with an unceremonious ending to the election are UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, ex-Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and the Scottish National Party who lost a number of seats to the Conservatives including that of former leader, Alex Salmon.

The business school and global MBA community has been quick to react to the election’s outcome with many taking to Twitter to voice their opinions.

Alex Edmands, a professor of finance at London Business School, has been particularly outspoken on what he felt was a poor choice for the British public before the election:tweet1

And throughout:

tweet 2

While some MBAs have turned to humour when considering the election outcome:


Others couldn't help but compare these results to other recent election shocks:


Whatever the outcome, Christopher Saunders, Executive MBA director and senior teaching fellow at Lancaster University Management School, had some wise words of advice for the two main political parties:

Tweet 4