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VIDEO: How To Launch A Startup | Harveen Chugh (Imperial)

Dr Harveen Chugh, senior teaching fellow in entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School, gave us her business insights into how to launch a startup with an MBA

As one of Imperial College's senior teaching fellows in entrepreneurship, Dr Harveen Chugh regularly lends her advice to eager MBA students looking to launch their own startups. If you haven't had the fortune to sit in one of Harveen's classes, you needn't worry!

In this BusinessBecause video, Harveen reveals everything you need to know before starting your own business.

Harveen reveals the first three things that every entrepreneur should do before they launch their business—Google it, map it, pitch it. Watch the video to see her elaborate on what exactly this means, and how it can show the proof of a good, or doomed, project. 

While Harveen's seen many successful businesses in her time, she's also seen a good number of failures, and she reveals the most common pitfalls that entrepreneurs fall into.





Tuesday 24th March 2020, 09.47 (UTC)


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