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After a bunch of group projects and meetings, exams and presentations, most of our exchange placement have settled! Kelvin Chiu, one of our current MBA student is going to Spain this Sept~ S...

Thu Mar 29 2012

After a bunch of group projects and meetings, exams and presentations, most of our exchange placement have settled! Kelvin Chiu, one of our current MBA students is going to Spain this September.

Spring is in the air here in Hong Kong. I know it’s only the beginning of March but there have been days that have been warm and humid already. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Since returning from the Hult Global Case Challenge, it has been non-stop and will be so for about another week. The Hult experience was great. I just want to give a big thanks to our Hult International business school colleagues for organising a great weekend and selecting three teams from our programme to participate. It will definitely be one of the highlights in my MBA experience and it was great to get a chance to network with so many great people.

Over the final weeks of term 2, I think it safe to say that I have never before worked on and presented so many projects in such a short period of time. However, it’s been somewhat enjoyable doing all these presentations because it has provided me and my teammates with a chance to share what we’ve learned on various topics, not to mention it’s been good public speaking practice.

Team meetings and WhatApp group chats have dominated most of my time lately, but group work is a big part of an MBA. Now, it’s time to pull it together and get ready for my term 2 final exams coming up this week.

So finally, I know where I will be this fall for the conclusion of my MBA studies. Most of the students received their exchange placements this past week and I will be attending Esade Business School in Barcelona this September! Alhough I was a little disappointed with how the exchange placements were allocated among the students, I am excited to be getting a chance to study at a great European business school in one of my favourite countries in the world.

By the end of it, I will have completed post-secondary studies on three continents. I guess it would be useful now to start practising my Spanish again. I’m sad to say that despite my multiple visits to Costa Rica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic for vacations it seems I have picked up barely any Spanish.

On the extra-curricular front, I am geared up for our final rugby sevens tournament this weekend. The CUHK varsity team is the two-time defending champions and I hope to contribute a big part next week and make it three! It’s been an awesome season so far playing with these guys (they have coined the nickname “grandad” for me since I am the most senior member of the team) and I am really looking forward to this tournament which conveniently takes place right after my exams.

So as most of the students here hibernate and prepare for exams, I just want to to say that in a week’s time, half our MBA will be over. Time to to make the second half count!