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Shark Tank Meets University: EdTech Startup Overseen By Ex-Harvard Dean Launches MBA

OneDay, a UK-based EdTech startup led by a former Harvard University dean, has launched an entrepreneurship MBA program after raising over $10 million

Thu May 18 2023

UK-based startup Oneday, an EdTech firm specializing in entrepreneurship, has launched an MBA after securing a £5 million ($6.2 million) investment. 

The startup, which describes itself as "Shark tank meets university", is offering an 18-month program giving students a practical education to help them become entrepreneurs. Students will receive mentorship from a "seven-figure entrepreneur mentor," create a business, and earn an MBA.

The MBA will be overseen by psychologist, neuroscientist, and former Harvard University dean Stephen Kosslyn, and it will incorporate rapid technological advancements such as AI into its courses.

"Our mission is to provide what the current education system currently doesn't—practical, real-world experience that will teach entrepreneurs the necessary skills they need to take on the modern business world," said Ranbir Arora, founder, and CEO of Oneday.

Oneday achieved its fundraising goal after an investment from Ananda Impact Ventures. In total, it raised £8.1 million ($10.2 million) to launch the degree. Other investors include Brighteye Ventures, Outward VC, Flint Capital, and

"This isn't just about studying textbooks and passing exams," said Benoit Wirz, founding partner of Brighteye Ventures. "It's about hands-on training and building as you go, fostering a mindset of innovation and resilience."

Oneday conducted research (via 3Gem), which revealed 26% of the UK population believe AI will affect their jobs in the next five to 10 years, while 42% think AI would reduce admin time associated with running a business. 

"It's clear to see that AI is fundamentally taking over routine knowledge work jobs, and at Oneday, we see this as an exciting opportunity to reposition our society into solving new problems for humanity through creating new businesses instead of teaching students how to do things we already know how to do," Ranbir added. 

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