India emerging as a favorite B-School destination

GMAC study throws up surprises in preferred destinations for MBA aspirants

It would be difficult to imagine India being a favorite Business School destination. Specially so when the MBA system within the country is very different from the rest of the world and only a handful of schools accept GMAT scores for admissions.

However it turns out that a recent study by the Graduate Management Admission Council has rated India to be in the top 5 destinations to pursue an MBA. So I discovered when I came upon this article.


That the US and the UK are the most popular destinations for management studies is not big news. But the findings of a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which conducts GMAT, a B-school entrance test used globally, have thrown up some surprises. Number 4 on the list of the Top 10 preferred destinations for B-school aspirants is India, with Canada at No. 3. Israel and Spain are the other surprise entrants.

According to experts, India's foray into the elite league has a lot to do with the emergence of institutions such as the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, which was ranked No. 12 globally in the Financial Times ( London) Global MBA rankings earlier this year. The IIMs, which use GMAT as an entrance test for their executive MBA programmes, are also responsible for India's popularity.

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Friday 3rd December 2010, 08.03 (UTC)


Apart from the ISB and the IIMs, are there any other reputable schools in India? Where would be a good choice for an international applicant who wants some business/ education experience in India?

Friday 3rd December 2010, 16.39 (UTC)


No not really, if you are an International student then you only have two choices at present ISB and IIM- Ahemdabad. ISB is the only international standard Business School in India. The rest don't even appear in the top 50 although the IIM's are considered royalty within India. Even while considering the IIM"s only the following are considered to be of high quality and reputation viz. IIM- Ahemdabad, IIM - Bangalore, IIM- Calcutta

Friday 3rd December 2010, 17.01 (UTC)


good insight Kirti!

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