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This Unique Indian Business School Is Competing With The IIMs. Find Out How

No textbooks, grades based on profits and opportunities to launch startups. Find out how Masters’ Union is changing the Indian business school experience

Mon Jun 26 2023

Masters’ Union is an Indian business school that is disrupting the traditional teaching model. With courses crafted by alumni from Ivy League institutions, such as Wharton and Stanford, the Gurugram-based school offers a Master’s in Technology and Business Management that has no strict syllabus, prescribed textbooks, or written exams.

Instead, students are encouraged to engage in independent research on assigned topics and evaluate their learning through the creation of startups.

The goal is to provide students with a unique learning experience that integrates real-world business projects and entrepreneurship. Students at Masters’ Union learn directly from more than 200 chief experience officers (CXO) and managing directors (MD) representing esteemed companies, including McKinsey, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. 

Industry leaders share their expertise, offering invaluable insights into the realms of technology and business management. Students also have the chance to build their own start-up, shadow a CEO, explore international experiences, and engage in internships.

Why is Masters’ Union different from other b-schools?

Grades at MU are based on the profit generated from the products or services students develop. This innovative assessment method promotes practical application and real-world outcomes, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students.

MU was founded by Pratham Mittal, a 32-year-old Indian entrepreneur. While studying a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering and Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, he was impressed by the practical, hands-on nature of the teaching. Teachers would often assign practical projects, such as building startups, instead of relying solely on textbooks.

Pratham’s successful startup, Outgrow—an interactive content marketing platform—originated from his experience of attending these classes. When he returned to India in 2019, he took a step further and established a university offering immersive experiential learning. 

He wanted to rival the world's top universities by focusing on practical startup-building courses, rather than relying solely on theoretical knowledge.

Under the leadership of chairperson Manoj Kohli, former SoftBank India head, MU boasts an impressive faculty. It includes prominent figures such as Rajat Mathur, managing director at Morgan Stanley, Naveen Munjal, managing director of Hero Electric Vehicles, Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, and chief economist at RBI (Reserve Bank of India), and Ghazal Alagh, co-founder of Mamaearth.

Akshat Madhogaria completed his Postgraduate program in Technology & Business Management and is now working as a business development associate at JUSPAY. He said of his MU experience:

"Masters' Union equipped me with the courage to be fearless. By interacting with the startup founders and thought leaders every day, it gave us perspective on how the journey looks like: how careers are made, how businesses are built from ground up, and now I have the self assurance to try out different things in life."

Competing with IIMs placement success

Right from the beginning, MU has positioned itself as a direct competitor to the top management institutes in India. 

MU claims that the average domestic gross salary—listed as Cost to Company (CTC)—for the 2022 cohort is INR 33 lakh (approximately $40,000), equivalent to the mean domestic CTC of students in IIM-Ahmedabad's flagship program. While for the previous 2021 batch, the median package stood at INR 29 lakh (approximately $35,000). 

The highest package offered to MU students reached INR 64 lakh ($78,000), reflecting a 4.1 times salary increase from their pre-MBA levels.

Notably, however, MU only shares the highlights in its placement report, unlike IIM-Ahmedabad, which publishes the complete report on its website.

Courses offered by Masters' Union

- Technology & Business Management (Postgraduate)

- Technology & Business Management (Undergraduate)

- PGP Rise (Executive Program)

- Applied Finance by KPMG in India (Mastercamp)

- Product Management Bootcamp (Mastercamp)

- Human Resource Management by KPMG in India (Mastercamp)

- User Experience Design by Onething Design (Mastercamp)

- Creatorpreneur Bootcamp (Mastercamp)

Admission criteria

Masters’ Union selection is based on a combination of application, essays, exam scores and interview performances. To apply for the postgraduate cohort in 2024, you will be assessed on the following criteria:


You will need a three- to four-year undergraduate degree from a recognized institution, and ideally two to four years of professional experience. However, MU is open to considering freshers and older students. 


Candidates can either complete their essays in a text-based response, where there is a word limit of 150 words. or a video response, with a time limit of two minutes.

Test scores

GRE, GMAT, CAT scores are required.

If you’ve not taken these examinations yet or feel your scores aren’t competitive, applicants must take the Masters’ Union Business Aptitude and Admissions Test.