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Top 5 Exciting Job Opportunities After An MBA In India

From consulting to marketing, there are a wide variety of MBA jobs in India for top b-schools grads. Here are some of the top opportunities for graduate jobs after an MBA in India

Wed Sep 6 2023

An MBA is a highly versatile and sought-after degree program that welcomes applicants from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. 

MBA programs in India typically do not restrict admission to candidates from specific industries. This inclusivity means that applicants from various fields, including engineering, finance, healthcare, arts, and business are encouraged to apply. 

MBA degrees in India are renowned for providing a diverse skill set and fundamental knowledge base, making it a valuable credential that opens up numerous career options after graduation. 

An MBA degree in India offers versatility in career choices. Graduates can enter a wide range of industries, including consulting, finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and more.

To find out exactly what your career options are after completing an MBA in India, BusinessBecause examined the placement records of the top three business schools in India, according to the NIRF Ranking 2023.

Here are five top MBA jobs in India. 

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MBA Jobs In India: Top 5 Opportunities

1. Consulting

In India, consulting is the most popular role offered by recruiters during placement of many of the top business schools. 

In the NIRF ranking, IIM Ahmedabad holds the top position, while IIM Bangalore is ranked second and IIM Kozhikode ranked third. The 2022-2023 placement record of IIM Ahmedabad for the PGP batch reveals that, out of a total of 395 job offers, 154 were secured by students in the field. 

Similarly, according to the placement report of IIM Bangalore for the 2021-23 batches of PGP and PGP-BA, consulting firms extended a total of 221 offers. 

At IIM Kozhikode, 33% of total offers in the most recent placement drive were rolled out by consulting firms. 

Here are some typical roles you could land in consulting after an MBA in India: 

⇨ Management consultant

⇨ Strategy consultant 

⇨ Business analyst

2. Finance

Finance is the second most popular domain for MBA grads in India after consulting. 

According to the recent IIM Ahmedabad placement record, 78 offers were made from finance firms for graduating students, while there were 75 offers at IIM Bangalore for finance placements. 

Banks such as Kotak Mahindra Bank, Avendus Capital, Citi Bank, IDFC First Bank, Piramal Retail Finance, Barclays, HSBC Bank, Essar Capital, ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered offered jobs to students. 

In the 2023 placement season at IIM Kozhikode, the financial sector saw a marked increase compared with previous years, with offers accounting for 26% of total job offers. This was a substantial 73% rise from the previous year. 

The majority of offers came from renowned financial institutions, including Ambit Capital, Axis Bank, Bank of America, DE Shaw, Deutsche Bank, Equitas, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Nomura, NovaOne Capital, Standard Chartered, and Yes Bank. 

Here are some typical roles you could land in finance after an MBA in India: 

⇨ Financial analyst

⇨ Risk manager

⇨ Investment banking associate

⇨ Financial manager

⇨ Credit manager

⇨ Insurance manager

⇨ Accounting manager

⇨ Equity analyst

⇨ Chief financial officer

3. General Management

The broad skill set and fundamental knowledge base gained during an MBA means employers value graduates for general management roles. 

In the most recent placement drive for IIM Ahmedabad grads, for example, there were 45 offers for roles in general management. Meanwhile, at IIM Kozhikode, 14 percent of the roles offered were in general management.

As per IIM Bangalore's recent placement record, conglomerates hired 86 students in this area, with Adani Group and Vedanta offering the most positions with eight placements each. 

Other major recruiters in this category included Lodha Group, DTDC, Brillio, CK Birla, RPG Group, Tata Steel, Capgemini, Infosys Europe, NPCI, Reliance Industries, Tata Administrative Services, and Bajaj Finserv. 

Here are some general management roles you could land after an MBA in India: 

⇨ Product manager 

⇨ Project manager 

⇨ Chief executive officer 

4. Marketing & Sales 

Marketing and sales combine to become the fourth most popular sector for grads from top MBA programs in India. 

According to the placement report from IIM Ahmedabad, 73 students secured roles in marketing and sales, while IIM Bangalore recorded a total of 67 offers in this domain. At IIM Kozhikode, sales and marketing accounted for 10% of all job offers. 

Here are some roles you could land in marketing and sales after an MBA in India: 

⇨ Brand manager

⇨ Sales manager

⇨ Business development manager

⇨ Email marketing manager

⇨ Digital marketing manager

⇨ Social media manager

⇨ Chief marketing officer

5. Operations & Analytics

While less popular than the career paths already mentioned, operations and analytics is a sector that attracts a substantial number of MBA graduates in India every year. 

For example, the IIM Bangalore placement drive saw companies in the operations and analytics sector hire a total of 50 new recruits. The sector also contributed to 6% of the total offers within IIM Kozhikode's placement. However, only two offers were made in this domain during IIM Ahmedabad's most recent placement drive.

Examples of job titles for operations include:

⇨ Chief operating officer 

⇨ Chief technology & operations officer 

⇨ Operations manager

⇨ Account operations manager

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Emerging MBA Jobs In India

While these are the career paths that are most popular with MBA students in India today, there are some career paths that are growing in popularity and becoming key employment sectors. 

Here are some sectors that are likely to become key for MBA graduates in India in the future:

1. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

With the increasing importance of data-driven decision-making in business, professionals with strong analytical and data interpretation skills are in high demand. MBA graduates who specialize in data analytics and business intelligence can play crucial roles in helping organizations make data-driven decisions.

2. Sustainability & Environmental Management

As sustainability becomes a top priority for everyone from businesses to governments, there's a growing need for professionals who can develop and implement sustainable business strategies. 

MBAs with a focus on sustainability can work in roles related to environmental management, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable supply chain management.

3. Healthcare Management

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and there's a rising demand for MBA graduates who can navigate the complexities of healthcare administration, policy, and management. 

Roles in healthcare consulting, hospital administration, and healthcare technology are therefore on the rise for MBAs. 

4. Entrepreneurship 

Many MBA graduates are increasingly choosing to start their own businesses or work with startups. 

Entrepreneurial skills, along with a strong foundation in business management, can be a valuable combination for those looking to innovate and create their own opportunities.

5. Digital Marketing and E-commerce

The sustained growth of online commerce and digital marketing in recent decades means there's a demand for MBA professionals who understand digital strategies, online consumer behavior, and e-commerce platforms. 

As these industries continue to grow, opportunities in roles such as digital marketing management, e-commerce strategy, and social media marketing are increasingly available for graduates. 

6. Cybersecurity Management

Reliance on data in business means that cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a hugely influential industry. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, businesses need professionals who can manage and mitigate these risks. 

MBA graduates with expertise in cybersecurity management can help organizations protect their data and systems.

 7. AI & Machine Learning

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence through technologies such as ChatGPT mean the integration of AI and machine learning into business operations is becoming increasingly important. 

MBA graduates with knowledge of AI and its applications in areas like marketing, finance, and operations management can be highly sought after by employers looking to get ahead in the emerging sector. 

8. Supply Chain Management

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of resilient and efficient supply chains. MBA graduates specializing in supply chain management can help organizations optimize their supply chain operations and mitigate risks.

9. Renewable Energy & Clean Tech

The shift towards clean energy sources and sustainable technologies is creating opportunities for MBAs in renewable energy project management, clean tech startups, and sustainable energy consulting.

10. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The blockchain technology space has been growing for some time now. While it has been hit with difficulty in recent months, businesses are increasingly exploring various blockchain applications signifying that the nascent technology is here to stay. 

MBA graduates with expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency can find roles in areas ranging from fintech to supply chain and operations.