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MIP MBAs Are Landing Internships With Firms Like Moleskine, BCG, IBM & Microsoft

95% of MBA graduates from Italy's MIP Politecnico di Milano find new jobs within 10 months of graduating


Mon Feb 5 2018

Companies in 2018 want graduates with a global mindset; the ability to procure relations with individuals from all around the globe, and an up-to-date understanding of the latest technological advancements—you could say they are hungry for the managers of the future.

That’s why, on the full-time International MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano (MIP), students are ripe for the picking when it comes to corporate internships—and 95% of students land new roles within 10 months of graduating.  

Among the companies taking an interest in MIP MBAs are Moleskine—a luxury Italian manufacturer, papermaker and product designer—and top international firms like IBM, Microsoft, and the Boston Consulting Group—indeed, the program is designed in collaboration with a wealth of corporate partners.

Students have access to these connections when it comes to in-company internships and corporate projects as part of the full-time International MBA at MIP.

Once such student, Jaimie Kim—who worked for ING in Korea and Hermès before her MBA at MIP—worked with three of her classmates on a project with Moleskine in Italy, to create a new candidate experience for the millennial generation.

On the project for Moleskine, Jaimie was part of an internationally diverse team—the MIP MBA cohort is made up of 70% international students represented by 25 nations.

“Sometimes there was friction,” she says, “and we [sometimes] had difficulty combining into one.

“However, we eventually achieved our goals. We learned a lot from our multidirectional approach.”

The diverse nature of the International MBA at MIP means that students not only learn from their professors, but from their classmates too, dealing with various cultures, personalities, and industries—the conflicts that arise from this are akin to developing an international, collaborative mindset, as the students are challenged to overcome their differences.

In fact, that is one of the reasons Jaimie chose to study at MIP.

“In order to explore my broader career, it was necessary to see things from various angles with in-depth knowledge. The global perspectives provided me with a more holistic view of business,” she says.

On top of a global mindset, companies place high value on creative minds, those who can innovate a company from within.

Throughout the International MBA at MIP, students take part in nine bootcamps—ranging from entrepreneurship, big data and analytics, industry 4.0, and a week-long Silicon Valley experience—during which they develop their creative problem solving by gleaning advice from expert faculty members, and by working together with MIP’s corporate contacts to solve complex business issues.

“[It] was the crucial stage for me,” says Jaimie.

During the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, she adds that she was able to draw from the knowledge obtained from her core classes—such as Innovation and Project Management, and Digital Transformation—when working with a team of colleagues to create their own business.

“The overwhelming workload, and sharp feedback from mentors frustrated my team,” she admits, “but I enjoyed the whole process, which highly motivated us to create an exceptional business model.”

“I expected my MBA to provide me with the knowledge to pitch my ideas, and to hone my people-management skills,” Jaimie concludes. “It not only gave me an understanding of management, but also provided me with an overview of the strategies around an entire business model.”