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Webinar | How An International Master's Can Boost Your Job Prospects

If you're looking to launch a global career, an international master's could prove useful. In this webinar, we ask how a master's can boost your job prospects


Fri Dec 4 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt economies across the world, boosting your job prospects by thinking internationally is more important than ever.  

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, you can hear from Alessandro Giuliani, the Managing Director & Founder of SDA Bocconi Asia Center, as well as Sukita Tapadia, the Head of Marketing and Operations at the school. They’ll be sharing the distinctive experience of learning at SDA Bocconi Asia Center, and letting us in on the advantages of attending an international school in India. 

Key learnings for you during this webinar: 

⇨ Practical insights on how to improve your career prospects.                                

⇨ How to get chosen for the IMB, and what scholarship opportunities are available to you

⇨ Find out all you need to know about placements, salaries and career progression for IMB alumni

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