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Webinar | Top Tips For Getting Into A Top Multinational Company

In this webinar, find out what multinational companies like LinkedIn and Ferrero are looking for, as well as how your master's degree can help you stand out


By  Business Because

Thu Jan 14 2021

The dream of a successful career at a major multinational is what inspires many masters students.But what are these companies looking for, and how can you stand out?

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, in partnership with Bocconi University, we reveal insider secrets on how you can get yourself in prime position to be first in line for a role at a multinational.  

We speak to two graduates from Bocconi University, Gabriele Contino and Endri Shtylla, who have gone on to get jobs at LinkedIn and Ferrero, as well as employer relations manager Francesca D'Agostino. 

Key takeaways from this webinar:

⇨ Find out what it takes to get a job at a top company in Europe   

⇨ Get tips on how to be recognized and promoted 

⇨ Discover the essential steps to stand out from the crowd 

⇨ Learn how your masters will prepare you for a fast paced working environment 

⇨ Put your questions about what recruiters are looking for to a leading careers service


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