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Master In Management Guide 2022

In our BusinessBecause Master In Management Guide 2022, we bring you everything you need to know about applying for a Master in Management, along with a breakdown of the world’s best MiM degrees

By  Matt Kefford

Tue Nov 2 2021

Download our BusinessBecause Master in Management Guide 2022, where we bring you everything you need to know about applying for a Master in Management (MiM), along with a breakdown of the world’s best MiM degrees. 

In the guide you'll find: 

- Information on the benefits you'll get from a Master in Management 

- A detailed checklist giving you everything you need for your MiM application 

- Tips on how to successfully apply for a MiM 

- Answers to some of your frequently asked questions

Download our Master in Management Guide 2022


Key stats 

- 85% of Master in Management applicants are under 24, while 44% are female

- The world's most expensive MiM is offered by Duke University Fuqua School of Business, at $57.5k

- The world's most affordable MiM is Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, at $3,700 for domestic students

- 52% of MiM candidates want to work for a company where they can travel internationally 

- 36% of MiM candidates want to manage people, while 52% want to manage projects 

- Consulting is the most popular industry for MiM candidates, with 63% reporting it as their top industry to work in

Key benefits

You don’t need a business background to apply

If you’re leaning towards a business-focused career, a Master in Management is a great place to start. With many students coming in with a non-business bachelor’s degree, with little to no work experience, a MiM offers the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of business.

You’ll gain global experience

With high quality MiM programs around the world, you have your pick of study locations on just about any continent. And once you’ve enrolled, you’re by no means stuck in one location.

MiM programs offer international consulting projects, field trips, and even international study exchanges. This gives you the dual benefit of studying business from multiple perspectives, while also gaining work experience in new locations.

You’ll learn how to be a leader

Leadership skills are key to helping you succeed and accelerate through the workplace.

MiM candidates are unlikely to have experience of leading teams or projects: as such, programs place a strong emphasis on honing the soft, leadership skills that will help you thrive in your career of choice.


How long is a Master in Management?

Master in Management programs can vary in length. The majority of MiM programs are around 10-to-12 months. These shorter programs suit candidates looking to quickly accelerate into a career.

There are also many longer programs on offer, and 24-month and 36-month programs are more common in Europe.

Where should I study for a Master in Management?

There are quality MiM programs all around the world.

Europe has the biggest concentration of MiM programs—the UK and France, in particular, are home to some of the best-ranked schools, including EDHEC Business School and London Business School.

Asia is also an increasingly popular choice for a MiM. India is home to IIM Ahmedabad, that has a high ranking MiM program, while Hong Kong is home to strong MiM programs at HKUST and HKU Business School.

In the US, while MBAs remain the most popular program, there’s a growing number of MiM programs on offer. Duke Fuqua and Michigan Ross both have popular MiM degrees.

Should I study my Master in Management at the same school as my bachelor’s?

The answer depends on you. There’s a lot to be said for stretching yourself by going to a new school for your master’s, allowing you to gain experience in a new country and novel academic environment.

But there are also numerous benefits of staying at the same school. It allows you to strengthen the relationships you’ve already built and there may also be financial perks. Some schools offer tuition discounts and GMAT waivers to returning undergrads.

The world's best Master in Management programs

Download our guide to find a list of the world's best Master in Management programs in 2022, complete with a breakdown of their tuition fees, average graduate salaries, class profiles, and rankings according to QS and the Financial Times. 

Read our BusinessBecause Master in Management Guide 2022 to find out everything you need to know about applying for a MiM in 2022.