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Master's Survival Kit 2022: 10 Things You Should Know Before Going To Business School

Find out tips and tricks from current masters students to prepare you for business school in our Master's Survival Kit: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Business School

Tue May 3 2022

Download the BusinessBecause Master's Survival Kit 2022, where masters students reveal 10 things you should know before going to business school. 

In our kit you'll also find a checklist detailing everything you need to do when applying to business school, and a breakdown of all the business masters programs available to you. 

Download Our Master's Survival Kit 2022 


Why study a business master's? 

87% of Master in Management (MiM) students land jobs within three months of graduation

77% of technology companies plan to hire Master in Data Analytics grads

84% of business school graduates say their professional situation improved after their degree

$85k+ is the average salary for Master in Finance (MiF) grads three years out of business school

56% of consulting firms say business school grads have a fast track to leadership

Things to know before business school

Enrolling in a business master’s can kickstart your career, but studying a master’s degree can be a challenge. In our BusinessBecause Master’s Survival Kit 2022, we bring you tips and tricks from current students to help you navigate the various challenges you’ll encounter during your master’s.

Here are some of the things you should know. 

⇨1. Speak with alumni to choose your best fit program 

A business master’s can unleash your career potential, but it’s important to choose the right degree to have the best impact on your career.

Take time to consider your options, and research your target schools and programs. 

“It’s important to find the program that suits you best,” says Julia Thin, Master in Management student at National University of Singapore Business School. 

“Go on LinkedIn and search for people who were on the program, or especially those people who are currently in the program,” says Julia, “that’s the best way to get answers.”

⇨2. Apply for a scholarship to help fund your degree

Scholarships are a great way to turn your business school dreams into reality and help fund your degree. That was the case for Pamela Mendoza, an international student from Peru on the emlyon business school MiM.

emlyon business school offered Pamela a scholarship, which made the program affordable, while other top-ranked French schools were too expensive.

However, Pamela advises that you should make sure that the scholarship provides enough financial aid to cover your entire program, after she later found out her scholarship would only cover half of her two-year degree. 

“They told me I could get a scholarship for the second year but I didn’t really investigate further. In the end it wasn’t that easy,” she says.

⇨3. Practice time management to make the most of your opportunities

It’s not easy to seize all of the opportunities available at business school—that’s why time management is vital.

“You’re always on the move, always trying to keep up with your assignments,” explains Caitlin Harshberger, MS Information Systems student at Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Caitlin developed a time management system during her master’s, using a reminders app on her phone and a shared calendar. She also added her plans into a weekly planner, while keeping them flexible to avoid creating stress.

“I had to learn [time management] really fast because otherwise little things you forget to do turn into big things,” Caitlin explains.

Which business master's should you choose?

Find a breakdown of the core masters degrees you can study at business school, along with a checklist guiding you through the application process in our Master's Survival Kit. 

Download our BusinessBecause Master's Survival Kit: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Going To Business School, to hear tips and tricks from masters students to help you navigate the various challenges you'll encounter during a business master's