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VIDEO | Why Study A Specialized Master In Management?

Hear from this Bocconi University alum who now works at FARFETCH after studying a specialized Master in Management and find out the benefits of a specialized MiM

By  Business Because

Wed Jan 18 2023

A Master in Management (MiM) is typically a generalist degree that covers business fundamentals such as finance, accounting, statistics, and leadership skills. However, you can also choose to specialize during your MiM. 

This means that all the core content of the program will be put into the context of a specific industry or function, as well as including additional courses that will help make you a true expert in your target field. 

Guilia Castellani graduated from Bocconi University where she studied a Master in Management specializing in Arts, Culture, and Media Entertainment. She has since progressed in her career to become senior manager of merchandise planning and analytics at luxury marketplace, FARFETCH. 

Watch our YouTube video to hear all about Guilia's experience and the career benefits of studying a specialized MiM at business school.

[VIDEO] | Why Study A Specialized Master In Management? 

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