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What Do MBAs Want For Christmas?!

No more reality TV and a composting bin... surprisingly not everyone said they wanted a job.

By  Harriet Murdoch

Mon Dec 12 2011

As Christmas is just around the corner we thought we would ask some MBAs what they want for Christmas. We thought everyone would say they wanted a new job or an internship at a hotshot company. You may be surprised by some of the answers....

Let us know what you want for Christmas this year!


Biranchi Kumar Parhi is an MBA at Aston Business School.

"This Christmas, as an MBA graduate, I wish to have a good and satisfying job and enjoy a quality time with my family."


Alejandra Caceres is an MBA at SDA Bocconi

"After spending a year in Italy and taking tons of pictures on just a cell phone camera, and then accidentally throwing the cell phone in the washing machine, I realised that I really want a digital SLR camera. Sometimes you need more than just a cell phone camera or a point and shoot. I need to be better equipped for future trips!"


Roslan Jaafar is an MBA at Warwick Business School.

"I am giving two answers, the first being: I'm hoping for a better-structured network among all MBAs with active and serious discussions on what impact MBAs can make to the business world. The second one is that I'm just hoping all the ridiculous reality TV shows that seem to be getting out of hand nowadays just stop.”


Simon Munroe graduates from the MBA at The University of Bath School of Management this week.

"I just want builders to be gone out of my house, and to make sure we have some ovens in our house for cooking. I finished my MBA in September and have been doing major renovations."


Yuichiro Kamikawa is an MBA on The University of Exeter's One Planet MBA.

"To be honest, I'm a pretty simple guy! I want a backpack that will help me lug my laptop from my flat to school. And also a composting bin -- I've never composted in my life, but it would be nice to start doing it... walking the walk a bit, you know."


Brynne Kennedy Herbert has an MBA from London Business School and is the Founder & CEO at MOVE Guides.

“VC funding!”


Andy Tromans is studying for his MBA at Aston Business School

"I believe MBAs want confidence to return to markets, and opportunities to reappear as in pre 2008. As an MBA, I would like the chance to be able to prove myself in a role, even if I am not the square peg in the square hole employers are looking for; that i think is both the biggest wish for Christmas and the biggest change in the job market."

Clive Phelps has an MBA from the Open University Business School.

"A brand new pair of skis!"

Ganesh Khatri who is an MBA at the Fortune Institute of International Business.

“It’s always... a placement...”