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Telecoms High-flyer Breaks for Manchester MBA

Manchester's 18-month MBA just the right length for telecoms engineer who helped launch iPhone in the Middle East

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Fri Jan 20 2012


Jai Kishan Somasekharan is a full-time MBA student who took a break from his high-flying career in the telecoms industry to gain a better understanding of finance and marketing at the Manchester Business School.

Jai is an Indian national who went to school in the North of India and gained his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from the College of Engineering in Trivandrum, Kerala Southern India. He began his career in India as a Test Engineer for telecoms projects but gradually moved into business analysis roles.

He was drawn to Telecomms because of the fast-paced nature and dynamism of the industry, especially in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. “Telecomms is booming in the Arab world and in the Asia Pacific region. There are more and more telecoms licences being granted and competition and government regulation is fair. It is a good place to be," he says.

Right before his Manchester MBA, Jai worked for Du in Dubia as the Release and Delivery manager handling critical projects such as the release of Apple’s iphone in the Middle East. He found this move to project management very interesting after having worke din technical roles. 

His interactions with colleagues in various business units eventually inspired him to seek a better understanding of businesses. "I am well aware of the many unique challenges of telecoms since the decisions we have to take are very critical and have huge impacts.

"For example choosing to launch a product on a particular date risks a product not being ready for whatever reason or where a minor mistake in the configuration of a system can lead to huge losses. The market is also extremely competitive so timing is everything.”

For Jai, the dynamism of the telecoms industry was what pushed him to break from his career to “learn key performance indicators and how to take critical and far-reaching decisions”. He chose to study at Manchester business school because he wanted to be in an English speaking country. He was also convinced by the length of the programme. “One year was too short for me because I felt I would not be able to learn enough in that time frame. The Manchester MBA is 18 months long therefore leaving more time to do live projects”. He recently completed a very successful project working with a charity to analyze their key growth indicators.

Jai is planning on deploying the knowledge he gains from his Manchester MBA back into the telecoms world when he graduates in 2013. He knows he will be able to add immense value to big-picture strategy decisions in this cutting edge sector. 


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