Mexico: Home of the World's Cheapest MBAs

Elite EGADE and IPADE cost a fraction of top US and European schools

Most US MBA programs are two years, hence the tuition is costly. The FT's top three US business schools, Wharton, Harvard and Colombia, all charge their MBA students more than $75,000 in total. Among Europe's top MBA programs, Spain's IE Business School is one of the most expensive with their $72,000 course - only takes a pacey 13-month to complete.

France's HEC Paris, which is also ranked in the world's top 30, has a relatively reasonable $51,000 price-tag, while the world's eighth best MBA program, offered by China's CEIBS, can be completed for a bargain $45,000.

Elite French business school ESSEC is another competitive choice with tuition fees of $22,324 tuitions, and MBAs interested in the Asian market can study in the school's Singapore campus.

But if money is a problem, then Mexico seems to be the answer. After swine flu, a stampede of MBA students may be the last thing Mexico needs, but future business tycoons pay less than $20,000 to attend either ITESM-EGADE or IPADE, the country's top two b-schools.

That's the same price as some of the unaccredited online MBA available at the US that don't require GMAT or much else...  

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