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Mexico: Home of the World's Cheapest MBAs

Elite EGADE and IPADE cost a fraction of top US and European schools

Most US MBA programs are two years, hence the tuition is costly. The FT's top three US business schools, Wharton, Harvard and Colombia, all charge their MBA students more than $75,000 in total. Among Europe's top MBA programs, Spain's IE Business School is one of the most expensive with their $72,000 course - only takes a pacey 13-month to complete.

France's HEC Paris, which is also ranked in the world's top 30, has a relatively reasonable $51,000 price-tag, while the world's eighth best MBA program, offered by China's CEIBS, can be completed for a bargain $45,000.

Elite French business school ESSEC is another competitive choice with tuition fees of $22,324 tuitions, and MBAs interested in the Asian market can study in the school's Singapore campus.

But if money is a problem, then Mexico seems to be the answer. After swine flu, a stampede of MBA students may be the last thing Mexico needs, but future business tycoons pay less than $20,000 to attend either ITESM-EGADE or IPADE, the country's top two b-schools.

That's the same price as some of the unaccredited online MBA available at the US that don't require GMAT or much else...  


Wednesday 11th November 2009, 22.01 (UTC)


Another classic US MBA vs Europe MBA scenario... this time money IS talking.

Sunday 10th January 2010, 02.40 (UTC)


Hello i am wrtiing from Mexico city and i certanly know that is true, if you want the best for your hard earned dollars, get to know Mexico an emerging market with a thriving economy. Plus you have great opption to work here, and on top affordable life and amazing night life...

Monday 11th January 2010, 01.36 (UTC)


Hello to the last post - are you studying or working in Mexico? What's the job market actually like over there - how easy for foreigners to get jobs in business/ finance?

Wednesday 27th October 2010, 14.46 (UTC)


Location, location, location... MBA's in Mexico are local and in my opinion, cannot compare to business schools in Europe where the student cohort is truly global. This will broaden the way you think and will help you do business internationally. The US portrays a different story because the country has a big market for graduates (although it is not at its best now). Once people graduate they want to stay in the US (a big part at least) so going to study there does make sense. In addition, the quality of the students in Mexico is very different from top schools in the US and Europe. At EGADE, almost 100% of applicants get in. IPADE on the other hand, has a great program and is more selective in their process. In my opinion, IPADE is a good school but it is still considered "local". That was the reason I chose to go abroad and I am very happy about my decision.

Wednesday 4th April 2012, 08.20 (UTC)

franco ruiz

I finished my MBA at EGADE in 1992. The job market back then was very difficult and even with an MBA from EGADE was not able to secure a corporate job.. I immigrated to Canada in 1994 and was required to do another MBA at McGill University in order to get a corporate job as a Mexican MBA was not considered enough by most employer. Bottom line is that the school is good but the market conditions in Monterrey are not that great. If you bring your degree outside Latin America, you will find that the degree doesn't have much respect.

Thursday 6th September 2012, 14.28 (UTC)


I don´t know where you got the prices of the EGADE, but I think they are wrong.I finished a master degree at the EGADE in 2006 and it cost around 37,500 USD using the prices and the average exchange rate of 2009 that it is the date when you wrote this article. There is a huge difference between 18,095 that you put in the graphic vs 37,500 usd

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