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London Business School - Energy Club

Club President Prasoon Kumar on where new supplies of fossil fuels are likely to come from

Prasoon Kumar was a Field Professional at Halliburton and a Seismic Engineer at Schlumberger, before joining the MBA at London Business School.

As President of the school's Energy Club, Prasoon talks about some of the hot topics in energy, including the future of fossil fuels.

What are your club's big initiatives this year?
Setting up of Energy Club Advisory Council whose members are the distinguished alumni of School with an active interest in the energy industry.

With the support of the Advisory Council, we organized a high profile panel discussion on "Unconventional Oil and Gas", "Private Equity in Energy" and "Iraq Energy". We also organized an energy club event at the LBS Dubai campus for the first time.

What proportion of LBS students are members of the Energy Club?
Half of of full-time MBAs are members of the Energy Club. For other programs like the EMBA, Masters in Finance, Masters in Management and the Sloan, the proportion is somewhat smaller.

What do you think is the best source of renewable energy in terms of quality and cost?
First, solar energy, and then wind energy

Will we run out of energy on this planet? Or will the price mechanism ensure that an efficient alternative is always available?
Conventional fuel (oil, natural gas, coal) is going to last for longer than is commonly perceived, although there is no doubt that eventually peak production will be reached.

With new technological breakthroughs like fracture of shale and tight zones, enhanced oil recovery techniques and exploration in ultra deep water and under the polar caps, there are new sources of supply to open up.

How significantly are concerns about global warming distorting the process by which we choose the most efficient energy source?
Concerns about global warming are valid and that will help balance the trade-off between environmental concerns and efficiency.



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