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Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance - Football Club

President, Bedivere Lu gives his thoughts on Drogba's move from Chelsea to China

Bedivere Lu previously worked at Motion as an Engineer, Project Manager and Manager of the Technical Support Department. He is now studying at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, where he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the business world. This fall, Bedivere is doing an exchange at IE Business School in Madrid, and after he graduates, he plans to do some research work on equity investment on hi-tech SMEs in China. As president, Bedivere tells us about the recreational Football Club at SAIF, and his thoughts on Drogba’s move from Chelsea to China.

Why was the club set up?
Football Club of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (F.C. SAIF) was set up for all students at school to build a platform for communication, sharing and training, meanwhile, it also participates in or organizes some social activities and thus wins honor for SAIF.

What proportion of SAIF MBA students are in the club?

Now the club has about 30 members, 8% of all are MBA students.

Is the club just for men or are there women as well? If there are women do you play in mixed teams or single sex teams?
The club welcomes all SAIF students, both men and women, but female students play roles as managers and cheerleaders.

How often does the club meet?
We hold internal activities every week, such as training, e-games, playing and watching matches. We also hold friendly matches with other school teams periodically.

What do you think of Drogba's move from Chelsea to China?
Drogba is one of the most famous strikers in the world and he just won the Champions League with Chelsea last season. We are all glad to see that our Chinese football club can have such great player. Obviously, his coming will improve both the competitive level and attention of Chinese football.

What is the most widely supported Champions League/Premier League club team within the Football Club?
Man United has the most fans in our club, it is about 25% of the members’ favourite team.

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