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Must Attend B-school Events In 2013!

From a ski cup in the Alps to a big African careers fair, here are some of the events MBAs are looking forward to in the coming months

Thu Jan 31 2013

At business school you tend to forget what free time is. MBAs often report that they find themselves cutting down family time and personal time. You would think they were studying all the time, but not necessarily!
What makes MBA experience so intense is that most students want to match curricular activities with extracurricular ones. In other words, it’s time to work hard and play hard!
Here are a few of the events MBAs interviewed by BusinessBecause cannot wait to attend this year…

Getting Torn To Pieces By Venture Capitalists


Business plan competitions are gruelling experiences. but success can be the ticket to launching your company! In addition to fat seed funding checks on offer, you can also win free mentoring, work space, professional services and publicity. It's a great way to spice up your resume with and most important it’s a great way to gain feedback about a business venture from investors and experieinced entrepreneurs.
EMLYON Business School full-time MBA Tim Callagy told us that he’s looking forward to the Global Management Challenge, the largest strategy and management competition in the world. The challenge is based on business simulations, and over 500,000 university students and company managers participate!

Sweating And Showing Off Your Abs!

Sports competitions are a great way to let off steam and to meet students from other schools. Located in France's beautiful Rhone-Alpes tourist and leisure region, Grenoble Ecole de Management students organize a yearly ski cup called the Altgliss Challenge - this year marks the 14th edition. The competition is open to students who are professional skiers but it's also a great day out for spectators. A highlight of the Challenge is the music concert (think a mini Glastonbury, substituting mud for snow...). 
Nanyang Business School will host the third annual Singapore MBA Olympics, a volunteer sporting event that brings together MBAs for a friendly competition to raise funds for charity. The sporty MBAs hope to promote corporate social responsibility in business and sustainable growth.
The event features sports including basketball, futsal, badminton and table tennis and all proceeds from the games will be donated to World Vision, a relief organisation that works helps children, families and communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling poverty and injustice.This year’s Olympics will take place on March 10 and the MBAs are hoping to beat the $11,000 they raised last year!

Rubbing shoulders with the folks who've made it - careers and alumni mixers!

Career sessions are without doubt some of the most important extra-curricular events at business school. Let's not forget that they sometimes come with free wine and tasty canapes! 
Lancaster University Management School full-time MBA student Adesegun Adesina is a native of Nigeria who is excited to get a job in an African country after his MBA. He is looking forward to the Careers in Africa event taking place in London in May 2013. The event will be an opportunity for him to network with recruitment reps from multinationals and fellow MBAs, and find out about market trends and industry challenges. He’ll be squeezing this in between trips to Turkey and China to learn about business opportunities in those countries. 
Martin Chanda, another MBA student, at Lancaster told us that he was looking forward to the Scottish MBA Careers fair. Lancaster is only a stone's throw from Scotland and the event is reserved for MBAs and Masters students in Scotland and the North of England.
The Careers Service at Warwick Business School treats MBA students to a packed calendar of workshops. Upcoming sessions offer practical tips on managing virtual teams, chairing a meeting, leadership, securing sponsorship for a project and getting your pitch right. The workshops are delivered through a combination of face-to-face seminars and webinars and usually last for approximately one hour, so there’s no chance you’ll be dozing off! 
Getting access to alumni events is one of the big perks of business school, wherever you are in the world. MBAs graduating from the Australia Graduate School of Management (AGSM) are kicking their alumni life off in style! This year new graduates will be welcomed into the alumni community by  Professor Dan Levinthal, all the way from the Department of Management at Wharton, who will give a special talk on The Short Shelf-Life of Competitive Advantage: The Role of Innovation and Adaptation