Women of Today: Announcing Our Winners

What should women start and stop doing this year to improve the business world? These 10 finalists have a lot to say on the subject!

This spring we set the challenge: tell us two things women should do in 2013 to improve the business world. And you rose to the occasion by telling us the things that Women of Today should START and STOP doing this year. The catch? Tell us in less than 142 characters.

Here are the five best entries that received $50 electronic Amazon voucher, plus a free copy of The Athena Doctrine, published by Wiley.

Tiffany Hopkins, St Gallen & Nanyang MBA
STOP: Stop standing behind men. Stop standing in front of other women. Stop 2nd guessing ur instincts. Stop letting others 2nd guess ur abilities.
START: Start communicating. Start embracing flexibility. Start trusting instincts. Start a workplace that has the support of a home & a healthy ROIC.

Natalie Cartwright, IE MBA
STOP: We should stop avoiding asking for what we want and have often earned (say, for example, a salary increase).
START: We should start sleeping our way to the top! (Literally...http://goo.gl/7L6CP)

Evelyn Simpson, Columbia MBA
STOP: Feeling like we have to show that we're tougher than the men instead of bringing our own unique voices to management.
START: Support, mentor and promote each other - if it’s good enough for the old boys' network, its good enough for us!

Alex Bogun, Darden MBA
STOP: Stop being afraid – challenge yourself, be a pioneer, be a leader, seek the toughest role - you are destined to win!
START: Start believing in yourself - you are the one who made business world a better place. Believe in winning no matter how tough the journey is!

Robin Moldenhauer, Owen MBA
STOP: If CAN’T never would then CAN’T never could! Women need say I CAN and be confident of the skills they have to offer!
START: Women should take a programming course and erode away the male-dominated world of developers.

We also had five fantastic runners-up, who we felt deserved a free copy of 'The Athena Doctrine.”

Lydia Kan
STOP: Striving to be liked. Girl-bonding chat on wardrobe & grooming. (Do men say 'Great top! Where did you get it?')
START: Asking thoughtful, interesting questions. Adding ideas. Establishing credentials. Claiming competencies. Developing presence.

Marguerite Gallant
STOP: Feeling guilty for having a life at home as well as a career.
START: Express their professional ambitions and aspirations more loudly: speak up!

Hang Le
STOP: Stop making reasonable excuses for what you have not done well at work and at home.
START: Start planning a year, a month, a week and a day ahead in order to balance your work and life.

Eloisa Sanz
STOP: We should stop trying to be like men. We should stop trying to behave as women.
START: We should be proud of being women: feeling and understanding emotions.

Nicholas Martinez
STOP: Stop being jealous of other women that are both successful and attractive.
START: Get used to being treated as an equal in the workplace. The feminists asked for it, now men are no longer allowed to be courteous to women.


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