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The 25 Business Schools With The Quickest Return On Investment

These MBA programs provide the most bang for your buck

Fri Sep 9 2016

This summer, thousands will file applications to the world’s best business schools.

Given the time and financial cost of attending a top program, however, prospective students should consider carefully their expected return on investment (ROI) for each institution being considered.

Emolument.com, a salary benchmarking site, has analyzed salary data of 1,000 MBA holders who graduated in 2011, 2012 and 2013 to calculate the RIO and highest earnings 3-5 years after graduation.

And Chicago’s Booth School of Business topped the ranking, thanks to sizable £53,000 bonuses. Boothies pay £51,000 in tuition and, upon graduating, can expect to net £167,000 total compensation. This gives the elite US school a RIO of 2.3 years.

Seven other US schools feature in the top-10, but it is European universities that provide the most bang for your buck. MBAs on the Continent are typically half the length of programs in the States.

At London Business School, you’ll recoup your tuition and other costs in 0.5 years. At INSEAD in France/Singapore, the ROI is a breezy 0.7 years.

“We offer incredible value for money,” says Graham Hastie, INSEAD assistant dean for degree programs, unashamedly. “Most people simply cannot afford to take two years out of the workplace,” he says.

These are the 25 business schools with the quickest ROI: