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Cass Students Have The Financial Markets At Their Fingertips

Thomson Reuters study zone opens at Cass Business School in London

By  Kate Jillings

Tue Sep 28 2010

There’s an orange glow inside the building at Cass business school this week. Thomson Reuters, the giant news agency, has installed a state-of-the-art study zone for students to access real-time market data and play with high-tech analytics between classes.

The opening of this new facility marks the expansion of a five-year partnership between Thomson Reuters and Cass – a mutually beneficial arrangement in which students can train up on a new technology and research data for their studies, and Thomson Reuters can embed its brand in a future cohort of finance professionals.

The zone has three collaboration booths in which groups of four to six students can work around a single PC. Each booth has a 32-inch high definition LCD monitor, integrated PC with webcam and microphone for video conferencing, fixed seating and space for wheelchair access. Two additional PCs have been installed in the area with access to Thomson Reuters DataStream, a financial database that provides global encyclopedic coverage of everything from company financials, to bonds and commodities data.

Students can also use Thomson Reuters Eikon, a desktop interface for market data and trading tools, offering, “A simple way to access information using the latest semantic tagging technology and removing the need to remember instrument codes or use complex interfaces”.

For those of you not familiar with the concept of semantic tagging, think “computer with human brain” – an automated tagging system that links data according to meaning. And for those of you not familiar with the term 'Eikon', it's a variant of the word 'icon', now adopted by Thomson Reuters in a flashy new brand campaign.

Apparently 'Eikons' are a generation of finance professionals who embrace technology and have a mindset that transcends social, geographic and language boundaries. Wow. Any of you out there?

The Study Zone was formally opened by Thomas H Glocer, CEO of Thomson Reuters, and Alex Fraser, Chief Operating Officer of Cass Business School. A lively crowd of students and faculty attended, including one new MSc student who was lucky enough to be offered a job on the spot by someone senior at Thomson Reuters!