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10 Best MBA Podcasts For Your Business School Application

Podcasts are the perfect way of boosting your knowledge on the go. Our 10 best MBA podcasts will help you nail your business school application

By  Abigail Lister

Fri Jan 8 2021

If you're kicking off your MBA application, you're probably looking for any tips and tricks to help you on your way to business school. A podcast can be a great way to keep up to date with the latest business news and broaden your knowledge at the same time. 

Whether you want to brush up on the latest business trends, or you're looking to nail your GMAT Exam, there are plenty of MBA-related podcasts to plug into.

Here are 10 of the best MBA podcasts that will help your business school application:

10 Of The Best MBA Podcasts

1. Inside The GMAT

For MBA aspirants starting their GMAT exam prep.


Inside The GMAT is the new podcast from the Official GMAT, taking the audience through all of the essential steps for preparing for the ultimate business school admissions test. 

Given that it's produced by the team who set the actual test, the podcast brings a wealth of expertise to listeners, plus opportunities to hear from senior product managers behind the exam. Episodes to date cover topics including the 'Eight Week Study Plan', and comparing the GMAT Online Exam to taking the exam in test centers. 

You can listen on iTunes here.

2. Tropical MBA Podcast

For MBA applicants brushing up on their deeper business knowledge.

TMBA gets updated every Thursday, so it benefits from being one of the more current biz podcasts out there. 

With over 500 episodes to choose from, TMBA covers a wide range of topics within entrepreneurship, such as how to build your business, hire people, and put on a winning presentation. Episodes also include interviews with business and entrepreneurship writers and explanations of future technology including blockchain and cryptocurrency—perfect if you want to brush up on your knowledge before embarking on your degree. All this makes TMBA one of the best MBA podcasts on offer.

You can listen on iTunes here.

3. The Business School Question

For MBA applicants asking themselves the early questions about business school.


Our Business School Question podcast was created with all you business school applicants in mind and answers the questions that will help you on your journey to business school. 

Across the series, we interview a different expert from the business school world and ask them one key admissions question. Are US business schools in crisis? What are the biggest mistakes you can make in your application? All these and more will be answered by big-name experts from the business school world.

Hear from special guests including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's brother on his MBA experience and GMAC CEO Sangeet Chowfla on what business education will look like in 2030. 

You can listen to our podcast directly on BusinessBecause.  

4. The London Business School Podcast

For MBA applicants looking for insights from a world-leading business school



Tapping into educational insights from one of the world's leading business schools, the LBS Podcast is certainly worth a listen if you’re interested in getting a high-profile opinion on business.

The podcast takes listeners through a variety of important and pressing topics influencing the business world. Recent examples include the 'Grow the Pie' mini series, hosted by Alex Edman, professor of finance at LBS, and Tom Gosling, executive fellow in the Centre for Corporate Governance. Tom and Alex talk listeners through the different considerations, pressures, and challenges of running a responsible business. 

You can listen on iTunes here.

5. BizChix Podcast

For female MBA applicants looking for advice on setting up their own business.

6deac3b275342acb7a315d9c6cd5d73aa09ce673.jpg ©dragana911

A podcast specifically for female business leaders, BizChix offer advice for female entrepreneurs on skills including having a CEO mindset, the challenges of scaling a business, and how to build the best team. BizChix is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, who received an MBA from Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business. 

There are also interviews with women who have built successful businesses—worth a listen if you're an applying to business school to kickstart your own business.

You can listen on iTunes here.

6. The MBA Jam

For MBA applicants seeking advice and inspiration from successful alumni.

Imperial College Business School MBA grad Avinash Bajaj found he was getting the same questions from hundreds of prospective MBA applicants—is it worth it, what can I gain from an MBA, how can I choose the right course for me? So he decided to make a podcast to answer some of these. 

Each week, Avinash interviews another MBA grad from a top b-school, from leadership coaches to tech entrepreneurs, asking them why they made the MBA decision, and how its brought them to where they are today. 

You can listen on iTunes here.

7. The Touch MBA Admissions Podcast

For MBA applicants looking to stand out in their applications.

For anyone looking for in-depth knowledge into the admissions process at the world’s top b-schools, The Touch could be for you.

As well as looking at MBA applicant skills—including the necessary skill of how to interview effectively—the show features expert opinions from a range of business schools, including Cornell Johnson School of Management, Michigan Ross School of Business, and W. P. Carey School of Business.

You can listen on iTunes here.

8. Harvard Business Review Presents: Cold Call 

For MBA applicants eager to peek inside the renowned HBS classroom.

Cold Call aims to give you a taste of what it’s really like to study on Harvard Business School's legendary MBA program, and what you can learn from their famous case study method.

Each episode, faculty from the business school discuss a case study they’ve written, and that has been taught on the program at HBS. As well as providing you with insights into the program and faculty at one of the world’s best business schools, it’ll also introduce you to topics as varied as unicorn companies in the Middle East and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

You can listen on iTunes here.

9. TED Business

For MBA applicants trying to broaden their business interests.


©TEDx Somerville

You can now get your fix of inspirational stories from the business sphere, as TedTalks have brought together speeches from a range of industry specialists, world leaders, and researchers in the business world.

Business school applicants will find plenty of thought-provoking discussions that they can apply during their future studies, such as how to be a better ally in the workplace and how to boost your creativity.

You can listen on iTunes here. 

10. Entrepreneurs On Fire

For MBA applicants exploring how their degree could help them launch a startup.

Aiming to ‘spark’ winning business ideas in listeners, Entrepreneurs On Fire features interviews with business leaders who have made it big in their respective fields.

So if you’re a business school applicant who needs a bit of help getting your idea off the ground, this podcast will give you the tools necessary for a successful venture. 

You can listen on iTunes here. 

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