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10 Podcasts Every B-School Applicant Should Listen To Over The Christmas Holidays

Podcasts are a perfect way of boosting your knowledge on the go. Our 10 best business school podcasts will help keep you informed over the Christmas period

Mon Dec 18 2023


If you’ve planned your next career steps and decided business school will help achieve your goals, there’s one very important thing to remember: you can never be too prepared. 

If you intend to apply for business school in 2024, you may have already begun prepping for the GMAT Focus exam, crafting your personal statement, or even reaching out to people for an application referral.

Whatever stage you’re at in your application process, the sheer amount of things that are involved can be exhausting. 

The Christmas holiday period is a good time to give yourself a well-earned break, but while you put your feet up and tuck into some festive food, listening to a podcast is a great way to keep your business school preparation ticking over. 

Whether you want to brush up on the latest business trends or figure out how to nail the GMAT Focus, there are plenty of business school-related podcasts to plug into.

Here are 10 of the best podcasts that will help your business school application:

10 Of The Best Business School Podcasts

1. Inside The GMAT

For b-school aspirants starting their exam prep.

Inside The GMAT is a monthly podcast from the Graduate Management Admission Council, taking the audience through all of the essential steps for preparing for the world’s most widely used business school admissions test. 

Given that it's produced by the team who set the actual test, the podcast brings a wealth of expertise to listeners, plus opportunities to hear from senior product managers behind the exam. 

Recent episodes cover such topics as: reducing exam anxiety, overcoming imposter syndrome, and everything you need to know about the launch of GMAT Focus that took place this year. 

You can listen on Spotify here.

2. Tropical MBA Podcast

For b-school applicants brushing up on their business knowledge.

While the title may say ‘tropical’, this is still a podcast you can listen to on the colder days over the holiday season. TMBA gets updated every week—sometimes twice—so it benefits from being one of the more current b-school podcasts out there. 

With over 700 episodes to choose from, TMBA covers a wide range of topics within entrepreneurship, such as how to bootstrap your business, hire people, and put on a winning presentation. 

Episodes also include interviews with business and entrepreneurship writers and explanations of cutting-edge technologies and trending topics. Want to know what there is to be learned from Elon Musk’s tumultuous time at X? TMBA is here for you. 

All of this makes TMBA one of the best MBA podcasts on offer if you want to brush up on your knowledge before embarking on your degree. 

You can listen on Spotify here.

3. Tech for Non-Techies Podcast

For b-school applicants looking for digestible information to broaden their business insights

Tech for Non-Techies was established by Sophia Matveeva, an MBA graduate from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap that non-technical professionals experience in the digital age. 

The Tech for Non-Techies Podcast is a continuation of this theme, providing highly digestible business insights for non-technical professionals. Episodes feature case studies of successful tech companies, interviews with high-profile experts, and Q&As with successful CEOs. 

As a company led by a former MBA grad, it’s no surprise that you can also find the occasional business school-related episode featuring conversations and insights that can help you prepare for life on-campus. 

You can listen on Spotify here.

4. MBA Insider 

For b-school applicants interested in learning the value of studying a degree 

Hosted by Al Dea, an MBA graduate from the University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill, MBA Insider is a great resource if you’re considering enrolling in an MBA program. 

Each week Al interviews MBA students and alumni, as well as other MBA experts to gain insights into the value an MBA can have for your career. 

Interviewees also provide practical tips on how to prepare for business school, how to maximize your time while studying, and how to plan for life after graduation. 

You can listen on Spotify here. 

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 5. BizChix Podcast

For female b-school applicants looking for advice on setting up their own business.

A podcast specifically for female business leaders that’s led by Natalie Eckdahl, an MBA alum herself, BizChix offers advice for female entrepreneurs on a variety of skills. 

Key topics in recent episodes, which are released weekly, include working with nonprofits, relationship marketing, productivity challenges, and how to use LinkedIn effectively. 

There are also interviews with women who have built successful businesses—worth a listen if you're applying to business school to kickstart your own business.

You can listen on Spotify here.

6. Managing The Future Of Work

For b-school applicants seeking to learn about the workplace of tomorrow 

A podcast delivered by two professors at the prestigious Harvard Business School, Managing the Future of Work covers a variety of cutting-edge topics ranging from AI to the Gig Economy. 

Hosts Bill Kerr and Joe Fuller get together two or three times each month to interview experts at the forefront of workplace innovation, most of whom hold C-suite positions. 

Each episode offers a unique insight into a particular area or issue surrounding the workplace. Listening to this podcast over the Christmas period could give you a better understanding of what to expect after you graduate from business school in future. 

You can listen on Spotify here. 

7. The Touch MBA Admissions Podcast

For b-school applicants looking to stand out in their applications.

For anyone looking for in-depth knowledge about the admissions process at the world’s top b-schools, The Touch could be for you.

As well as looking at MBA applicant skills—including the necessary skill of how to interview effectively—the show features expert opinions from a range of business schools, including Cornell Johnson School of Management, Michigan Ross School of Business, and W. P. Carey School of Business.

You can listen on Spotify here.

8. Cold Call 

For b-school applicants eager to peek inside the renowned HBS classroom.

Another Harvard-related podcast, Cold Call aims to give you a taste of what it’s really like to study on Harvard Business School's legendary MBA program, and what you can learn from their famous case study method.

Within each episode, faculty from the business school discuss a case study they’ve written that has been taught on the program at HBS. 

As well as providing you with insights into the program and faculty at one of the world’s best business schools, it’ll also introduce you to topics as varied as sustainability at Ferrari and AI in the US Air Force. 

You can listen on Spotify here.

9. TED Business

For b-school applicants trying to broaden their business interests.

TED Talks are legendary and business school applicants will find this podcast dedicated to inspirational stories from the business sphere particularly interesting. 

There are plenty of thought-provoking discussions you’ll find that you'll be able to apply during future studies. Recent episodes have covered subjects including resume innovation, how to achieve fulfilment at work, and how to build your personal brand. 

You can listen on Spotify here. 

10. The $100 MBA Show

For b-school applicants aiming to brush up on their business skills

Fundamentally, the $100 MBA show is a podcast that aims to provide you with all of the actionable skills you need to launch a business without actually having to attend business school. 

It’s a lofty ambition, and while listening to the podcast won’t necessarily provide you with the depth of knowledge, connections, and skillset that b-school can offer, it does make for an interesting listen if you’re aiming to brush up on your business knowledge before arriving on campus. 

You can listen on Spotify here. 

This article was originally written by Abigail Lister in October 2018