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WEBINAR | How To Get Into A Top PGPM Program

Interested in applying for one of the top PGPM programs in India? In this webinar, we find out what it takes to apply and get into a high-ranked school

Tue Nov 10 2020


A Post Graduate Program in Management, or PGPM, is India's equivalent to an MBA. 

So why is a PGPM program right for you? How can you write an application that will stand out? In the first part of this three part webinar series from BusinessBecause and Athena School of Management, we give you what you need to apply for top PGPM programs.

We speak to Aditya Singh, director of Athena School of Management, about what a highly ranked school looks for in its candidates, as well as from Sunishka Gupta, a current PGPM student, about how they created their own successful application. You’ll find out everything you need to know before embarking on your own PGPM application journey.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

⇨ What makes a PGPM program the answer to furthering your career

⇨ Vital tips to make sure you showcase the right qualities to ace your PGPM application

⇨ Exactly what the application process for the PGPM at Athena looks like

⇨ The latest on how business schools are adapting to COVID-19 and how it could affect you


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