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Video | How An MBA In China Can Launch Your Career

In this BusinessBecause video, we explore how an MBA in China can grant you the skills, experience, and expertise to tee up an exciting career


Mon Feb 22 2021

Studying an MBA in China has become a tantalizing prospect for ambitious students. 

In the coming decade, China is set to occupy an increasingly important role on the world stage: for those destined for business careers, you'll no doubt find yourself interacting with Chinese business. An MBA in China is the perfect opportunity to dive into their unique culture and understand how China's way of doing business will impact the world.

In this BusinessBecause video, in partnership with Peking University's Guanghua School of Management, we speak to two current MBA students—Amaia Perea Mintegui and Wanyan Du—about why they chose an MBA in China, and how it's helping them achieve their career goals. 


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