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NBA Legend Yao Ming Chose Jiao Tong University Antai For His Degree—Here’s Why

There are many advantages to doing an MBA in China at Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics and Management—and it’s not just about famous alumni like Yao Ming


Mon Jun 14 2021

After a hugely successful career in the NBA, basketball legend Yao Ming could pick anywhere in the world for his business school degree. He chose Jiao Tong University’s Antai College of Economics and Management.

Antai is a top business school in Asia and its International MBA program is ranked the best value for money MBA in China by the Financial Times.

Across its programs, Antai attracts many high-profile students. As well as Yao Ming, famous alumni include airline CEOs and billionaire entrepreneurs. 

Here’s why the big names choose to study at Antai:

A global focus

Antai offers a cross-cultural focus, giving students an understanding of international business along with business in China. 

All modules on Antai’s two-year MBA program are delivered in English, and the curriculum contains a number of international business modules. You can also enroll in optional exchange programs with partner schools across the globe in places like the US, Italy, and the UK. 

Modules like an introduction to Chinese culture, doing business in China, and cross-cultural management, are combined with this global focus to help you develop an understanding of both east and west. 

Antai’s focus on international business proved useful for Yao Ming, who studied an economics degree at the school.

Though a Chinese native, Ming spent much of his career living in the US and playing basketball. He held a coveted spot in the All-NBA Team five times and earned a place in the NBA Hall of Fame. 

He moved back home to Shanghai to begin a degree at Antai. Towards the end of his experience, he put his new skills to the test, opening up a winery in Napa Valley, California, and becoming an international businessman. 


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Career progression

The Antai MBA is also ranked sixth in the world for career progression by the Financial Times, with alumni going into some of the most popular MBA jobs. 98% of Antai MBA students secure roles within three months of completing the program.

The school benefits from its location in the heart of Shanghai, which has the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of all cities in China and is the center of China’s finance, trade, and shipping sectors. It’s also home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the fourth largest stock exchange in the world.

A majority of Antai MBA students are aspiring entrepreneurs, and the program caters for this with a module in entrepreneurship management. Antai also offers the chance to be part of a lively venture capital alumni club, which helps entrepreneurially-minded students network with fellow budding entrepreneurs. 

This focus on entrepreneurship could see students follow in the footsteps of Antai graduate Min Fan, cofounder and president of group, one of the world’s largest online travel companies comprising and other websites like Skyscanner. 

Min was named EY entrepreneur of the year in 2008 while serving as CEO and employing the skills he learned at business school. 


Management expertise

With an MBA curriculum spanning four semesters and an orientation period, Antai focuses on all facets of management, including project management, operational management, and human resource management.

Your Antai MBA experience begins with a pre-term orientation, where you complete team building exercises, and focus on developing your leadership and communication skills. Then, the core MBA courses begin, providing a holistic view of business with modules in finance, data, and management. 

The Antai MBA also has a strong focus on ethics and sustainability, kicking off with a module in business ethics and corporate social responsibility. 

Famous Antai alum Wang Junhao employs all these skills and knowledge in his role as vice chairman and president of JuneYao Group. 

JuneYao Group is a giant of the Chinese service sector, employing almost 20,000 staff across the company, which includes a technological innovation arm as well as educational and financial services.

Junhao’s success in steering the group saw him feature on Forbes’ China Rich List in 2016, after the group’s flagship airline, JuneYao Air, was publicly listed. 

With an MBA program offering strong career potential, and a focus on both eastern and western business cultures, pursuing the Antai MBA could mean you’ll follow in the footsteps of some of its most successful alumni.

The main image in this article is credited to ©Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA, KA Sports Photos and used under this license.

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