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GradSelect: How To Get Noticed By The World’s Top Business Schools

Considering an MBA or master’s degree? Find out how to use GradSelect, get noticed by top business schools like Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD, and be the first to learn about scholarship opportunities

Tue Apr 11 2023

Applying for an MBA or business master’s program? Want to get noticed by top business schools like Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD?

The GradSelect service, by the Graduate Management Admission Council, opens up opportunities for aspiring MBA and master’s students to connect directly with 500 of the world’s best business schools.

Why sign up for GradSelect?

Simply by signing up for GradSelect, you can make sure your profile is noticed by admissions staff searching for the best candidates for their MBA and master’s programs.

Signing up is free and by answering questions about your background and degree aspirations you’ll also get the latest, tailored news and information on scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

[VIDEO] Why this applicant used GradSelect

Which business schools use GradSelect?

All GMAC member business schools have access to the GradSelect database—that’s more than 500 business schools including all the biggest names: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Columbia, London Business School, INSEAD, and HEC Paris to name a few.

These business schools use GradSelect to recruit candidates. When applying to business school, you’ll do your own research and outreach, but by signing up to GradSelect you’ll help schools discover you too.

“GradSelect is like a match making tool between students and business schools,” explains Angelyn Ang, associate director of marketing and admissions at NUS Business School.

“Students using information from schools can make the best decision on which programs and which school to go to.”

[VIDEO] How GradSelect can be used to research schools

How is GradSelect helping candidates like you?

Like many business school candidates, Paul didn’t know where to start when researching different programs.

By using GradSelect, he connected with multiple schools, which helped him look beyond the rankings to find the best fit business schools.

“The opportunity to hear about, and directly from graduate programs is priceless during your time when interviewing and researching different schools,” he says.

“There are so many incredible graduate institutions that it's hard to know about all of them; sometimes the best way to learn about the schools is directly from these schools.”

For Katherine, a fellow business school candidate, using GradSelect increased her confidence when applying to different schools.

“It made me feel excited about the process; that there were schools out there excited about me based on my GMAT score and how I was performing,” she says.

“Even if you think you know what you want, or if you have no idea at all, collecting information is an incredibly valuable step during the application process—and that’s exactly what GradSelect offers.”

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