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VIDEO | Why Southeast Asian Students Are Choosing MBA Programs In China

Hear about why Southeast Asian students are pursuing MBA programs in China


Thu Sep 21 2023

Join us in this video as we explore why many students from Southeast Asia are choosing to pursue MBA programs in China. 

Discover the reasons behind this trend and hear from students at Peking University (PKU) Guanghua School of Management about their experiences in the Guanghua Global MBA program. 

Learn about the career opportunities and cultural immersion that make China an attractive destination for MBA studies.

[VIDEO] Why Southeast Asian Students Are Choosing Global MBA Programs In China

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Student Reviews

Peking University Guanghua

Antonio R.



Top university in China

Peking University is ranked 1st in China and 27th in the world. The three main spirits that drive PKUers during and after their studies here, are 1. leadership: from medicine to politics, the future leaders of China are formed here. 2. Internationalization: strong emphasis on developing a global vision for leveraging all kinds of resources both in china and abroad. 3. Tradition: do not forget your origin when moving forward.

Ali Asghar



Best university in china

This is one of the best university to study medicine and engineering. Students are encouraged and smooth system of education makes it "the best". This university offers many courses and students from all over the world gets admission here.




Top academical institution in China. Well-known for for the beauty of its architecture

Peking uni is the Harvard Princeton of China. Good in science and humanities. Its Math and medicine departments, like its many other departments, ranked 1st in China. Students from this uni are good at building new things