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These MBAs Switched Careers And Landed Jobs At Amazon & Apple—Here’s How

The tech industry is an increasingly enticing option for b-school grads, as giants like Amazon and Apple ramp up their hiring of MBAs


Mon May 13 2019

As recruiters get in line to snap up the top MBA grads from business school, consulting and finance firms have historically dominated the recruitment pool.

Hot on their heels, however, is the tech industry, which is fast rising as one of the biggest recruiters of MBA grads. Tech giants Amazon and Google respectively recorded a 75% and 67% increase in the number of MBA graduates they hired between 2015 and 2018.

The likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, and many other tech firms, have a large presence in one of the startup capitals of America: Austin, Texas, also known as the Silicon Hills.

Tapping into this tech industry is an alluring option for MBA grads at The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business—offering fast-moving work experience at the forefront of a rapidly growing market. In the graduating class of 2018, 30% of full-time MBA students accepted jobs in the tech industry, not only in Austin, but many also in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.  

For career switchers, the MBA can be a chance to broaden one’s skill set, explore a different side of business, and ultimately find employment in some of tech’s biggest organizations.

Moving from finance to tech


With a bachelor’s degree in finance, a CFA qualification, and experience at Standard Chartered Bank and Barclays—Omer Mukhtar Ahmad (pictured) seemed destined for a career in finance.

Yet it was working at Unilever, managing the skincare portfolio in his home country of Pakistan, that opened Omer’s eyes to the wider possibilities for his career.

“I got an exposure to business and how manufacturing concerns operate on a global basis,” Omer remembers.

From here, applying for an MBA seemed like a natural step, knowing that he wanted to progress his career but not knowing exactly into which industry he wanted to pursue.

Texas McCombs’ wide selection of elective courses on offer piqued Omer’s interest to discover more. Texas McCombs MBA students take core curriculum in the first semester, while the following three semesters offer the chance to customize your degree with a wide range of electives in over 20 different academic concentrations, including high tech marketing, and strategy and innovation.

“I tried to pick as many courses to learn different things—everything from operations strategy to business analytics.”

While his strengths were in finance, Texas McCombs MBA career management helped Omer to frame his skills towards successfully landing a summer internship at Apple in an operations role.

“We see a good amount of career explorers,” explains Stefani Sereboff, a director on the MBA career management team at McCombs, “They spend a lot more time working to understand and communicate their value proposition.”

Texas McCombs has designated career consultants for each of its MBA degree programs, whether full-time, part-time, or executive, spanning a broad understanding of different industries. Part of the service is individual coaching, including interview practice and application assistance. 

“It’s about understanding where they want to go and how to make that happen,” Stefani adds.

The internship, for Omer, was a clear launchpad into employment. In addition, Texas McCombs offers part-time Working Professional MBA programs, allowing students to complete an MBA alongside their full-time job—still providing coaching and resources to help working professional MBA students advance within their existing organizations or to make a transition in their career.

Following a successful summer internship, Omer is going to work at Apple full-time after his graduation. Ultimately, he sees the Texas McCombs MBA as invaluable to this achievement.

“It was a necessary stepping stone for me to jump high, and to achieve a goal which I may not have been able to achieve in my home country,” Omer enthuses.

Launching a tech startup

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For Angelise Hadley studying an MBA was more to do with getting her own business off the ground.

With experience in retail and consulting, Angelise’s real ambition was to launch her business EmbraceBox, an e-commerce subscription service aimed at young girls with curly hair. While the idea was strong, Angelise lacked some fundamental business skills.

“When it came to marketing, accounting, or making the business run smoothly, I felt like I was tripping over myself and didn’t know what I was doing,” Angelise reveals.

For a digital entrepreneur like Angelise, Austin’s reputation for tech played a huge role in attracting her to Texas McCombs.

The MBA, moreover, gave her the skills and confidence to build her business. She drew upon one course in new venture creation, where students spend the duration of the semester working on a business model for their own enterprises.

Support in setting up her business extended to practical advice and help from faculty. The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship offers entrepreneurs like Angelise mentorship, legal advice in setting up their business, summer fellowship funding, as well as monthly events and talks aimed at startup founders.

While she continues to grow her business, Angelise—who interned at Amazon in the summer after her first year—is set to start a permanent role there in September.

“I don’t think that opportunity would have been as easily accessible if I were not at McCombs,” she says.


Student Reviews

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A very warm and academic environment

UT Austin has a warm and academic environment that promotes a sense of belonging. With numerous programs and extracurricular activities available, you will never experience boredom. The campus boasts gorgeous surroundings, and the food surpasses expectations. The academic opportunities are outstanding, and the professors show genuine dedication to helping you succeed both personally and academically.




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Excellent for Data Science

The program, for gaining expertise in Data Science and Business Analytics is at its peak with lectures and a curriculum that aligns perfectly with industry standards. As a participant in this community and program, This Is Really Helping Me To Excel My Career And Growth As A Data Scientist. The course structure flawlessly represents the demands of the market equipping students with skills and knowledge to excel. The key, to success lies in completing assignments and projects.




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With its strong emphasis on business majors, University has gained a prominent reputation. The university provides ample chances for students to specialize in different areas of business, and its state-of-the-art labs and research centers offer significant advantages, especially for those who are pursuing a Finance major. These resources enable students to develop proficiency in utilizing the most cutting-edge technology tools available.




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Truly Rewarding Experience on 40 Acres

As a student at The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), I can confidently say that my experience here has been both academically and personally enriching. The campus is not only beautiful but also located in the vibrant city of Austin, which offers a diverse range of cultural, entertainment, and networking opportunities. UT Austin's academic programs are top-notch, and the professors are incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and genuinely invested in their students' success. The variety of courses and degree programs available caters to a wide range of interests, allowing students to explore and hone their skills in their chosen fields. The university also provides ample research opportunities, which has helped me gain hands-on experience and enhance my understanding of various subjects. Student life at UT Austin is vibrant, with over 1,000 student organizations catering to a multitude of interests, from sports and cultural clubs to academic and community service groups. The university's emphasis on diversity and inclusion creates a welcoming atmosphere that encourages open-mindedness, collaboration, and personal growth. The strong sense of community and Longhorn pride make me proud to be a part of this prestigious institution. Overall, my experience at UT Austin has been nothing short of exceptional. The combination of excellent academic programs, a supportive community, and countless opportunities for personal and professional development make this university an ideal choice for students seeking a well-rounded and rewarding educational experience.




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My Opinion on My Campus

A fantastic university with lots of walking within the big campus. Courses offered here are very competitive. There are also lots of resources which makes the quality of education in this campus very good. We had amazing professors. Sporting activities are also given priority in this university for instance football and other social activities




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College Life in Texas

Texas is a beautiful place with many beautiful people. You can visit some nature parks and beaches like Big Bend. South Padre Island If you're there in February, don't miss Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Austin. You won't regret it. Campus life is very good. It is very interesting that you always meet good people from different places. So always use this international environment to meet more people and expand your understanding of the world.




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I love it in UT

I enjoy being in UT! The first month of school is a lot of fun. Different Types of events take place in the university. You have various organizations that run campaigns and recruit new members. Free items such as backpacks, hats, Frisbees, food and more are provided on campus. The people on campus are very nice and you can feel the school spirit during sports games - it's amazing. During your four years at UT, you must attend at least one football game. There you will feel the most school spirit. In addition to the school spirit and camaraderie on campus, there is also the general joy of being in Austin. There are many different types of restaurants such as Lake Travis or Barton Springs.




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Amazing Learning Experience

The University of Texas is a great institution of higher learning, Located in a beautiful City and it offers very good courses which are very competitive and good for the global market. It has a better application process as compared to other universities hence giving students easy time during application. Learning facilities are also great with a good library for personal studies. A great teaching staff and generally a good learning environment. A variety of other activities that students can engage in for enjoyment for instance sports among others. Would easily recommend this university to the world




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This school is fantastic!

I believe that the University of Texas is a very good University. You meet people from all walks of life and the teachers challenge you to be the best learner when you come out. What I loved about the University of Texas was its wide streets and big buildings. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is starting their university career, it is fantastic and they give you many tool in order to success. Sometimes you can even get a Success counselor.