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COVID-19 Didn’t Stop This MBA Landing A Top Consulting Job At Deloitte

Studying from home during coronavirus lockdown meant Abram Stewert completed his MBA while spending time with his family. He used his MBA to secure a senior consulting job at Deloitte


By  Emmy Hawker

Mon Sep 7 2020



At Emlyon, Abram got the international and cultural experience he was after ©Emlyon

Landing a post-MBA job 

Over the ensuing months, Abram signed up for multiple mock interviews with different consulting companies, and made sure to attend roundtables and presentations (delivered in both English and French) which were hosted through Emlyon.  

“This preparation allowed me to speak knowledgeably and confidently about the industry during the formal interview process,” he says.  

His contact at Deloitte was happy to write a referral for him, and that ultimately led to Abram clinching the role in time for his graduation from Emlyon 

Emlyon was instrumental in both having a close partnership with Deloitte for students like me to gain visibility with them and for providing informal seminars which give us first hand perspectives from industry practitioners,” he says. 

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