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Webinar | How To Build Your Career In Tech: Top Tips From MSU Broad

Do you want to launch a career in tech? Find out how an MBA could be the platform you need, with expert advice from MSU Broad faculty and alumni


By  Business Because

Wed Aug 18 2021

The tech industry has become the most popular for MBAs in 2021, with more graduates launching careers in the sector than in top industries like consulting and finance—but how do you build your career in tech?

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, we explore the key skills you need for a successful career in tech, as well as how an MBA can help you get there.

This webinar is delivered in partnership with Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business.

To learn how to build your career in tech, BusinessBecause deputy editor, Thomas Nugent, caught up with Wayne Hutchison, the managing director of the Full-Time MBA at MSU Broad, Jason McLean, a 2014 MBA grad from the school and current chief of staff at software company, Splunk, Mike Maglio, a fellow 2014 MBA grad and current people consultant at Google, and Andrea McHale, director of admissions and enrolment at MSU Broad.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

→The critical skills you need to be successful in tech in 2021 and beyond.

→How these skills are developed alongside core business competencies on the MSU Broad MBA.

→Hear from experienced alumni Jason and Mike on how they launched their careers, and how the MSU Broad MBA could be the platform you need to build your career in tech.

→Find out more about the benefits of studying an MSU Broad MBA, including 100% employment placement (class of 2021).

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