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The 20 Top MBA Degrees Outside of America — Bloomberg Businessweek

Which program will make you stand out in a crowd — and justify the massive cost?

By  Seb Murray

Tue Dec 6 2016

The US is the ancestral home of the MBA — but increasingly, graduate business school students are banking on the shorter degrees found in Europe.

These one-year MBA programs tend to offer more bang for your buck, according to a ranking of schools on return on investment from Emolument, a salary benchmarking site.

An MBA will increase your earning potential and career progression.

It'll also be one of your most pricey life purchases, and can wipe out your savings and swell your debt.

But which program will make you stand out in a crowd — and justify the massive cost?

Bloomberg Businessweek has compiled a ranking of the best MBA programs outside of America.

The ranking is based on data compiled from more than 1,000 recruiters, 15,000 alumni, and 9,000 recent graduates.

(Bloomberg published its 2016 ranking of the top US MBA programs last month.)

UK business schools dominated the ranking. London Business School bagged the No. 1 spot, with Cambridge and Oxford both ranked in the top-five.

It's the second piece of good news for British business schools in as many days. The Financial Times' ranked them best in Europe in its annual ranking published on Monday.

And that's despite the spectre of Brexit hanging over their heads.

INSEAD, of France and Singapore, is ranked No. 2.

IESE Business School of Spain completes the top-five.

Here’s Bloomberg’s 20 best MBA programs outside of America: