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The Top 15 MBA Programs For Female Entrepreneurs

There are benefits to an MBA, even though entrepreneurs have lined up to critique the degree

Mon Jul 3 2017

When it comes to producing female entrepreneurs, the Kellogg School at Northwestern University trumps all other business schools.

That’s according to a new ranking of the best MBAs for entrepreneurship by the Financial Times. 

The Kellogg School has the highest proportion of female startup founders (37%), followed by Berkeley: Haas (35%) and Cambridge Judge of the UK (31%). 

The ranking is based on survey data collected from the MBA class of 2013, as part of the FT’s 2017 Global MBA ranking. The FT quizzed b-schools on the percentage of their graduates who founded a company, the proportion who are full-time entrepreneurs, and the help students got from their school and alumni network. 

Business schools have gone to great lengths to create an environment in which entrepreneurs can flourish. New enterprise courses, seed funding and incubators are now common on most top MBAs. 

But it is the Kellogg School which stands out for educating the most female entrepreneurs, who, research has consistently shown, face unique challenges. It is often more difficult for them to secure venture capital funding, and they may also face the casual sexism that is seemingly rife in the tech industry. 

The FT ranking suggests there are benefits to an MBA, even though many entrepreneurs have lined up to critique the degree. The Kellogg School scored an 8.4 out of 10 for the extent to which its alumni network helped entrepreneurs access financing. 

Here are the top 15 MBAs for female entrepreneurs: